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Jane's Galaxy of Good-Looking Guys

Grant copyright 1997 J.S. Fancher

For more of C. J. Cherryh's Crew, tap Grant's nose.

The rest of the kibitz-krew has been giving me grief over the page space being allotted Morgaine and Vanye.  In order to get some sleep at night, I hereby begin the process of granting equal attention.

The following are what I already had scanned into the computer.   If you enjoy these want more, let me know. 

Most of these are mine, but I've included a few gems from C.J. Cherryh's pencil as well in the C.J. "wing."  On the upper floor, I'll  have characters from Lynn Abbey's books, Andre Norton's, Dr Who, and Who knows what else.

They are, in the vast majority, pictures of guys.  Why?   Because I drew them and I like guys!  One of the advantages of having art as my hobby is that I get to draw who and what I'm in the mood to draw.   By the same token, you'll find no real paintings here.  Painting is too much like work.  You have to get all those little pots out and clean the brushes after...

So, sit back, relax and enjoy.

All images lead to larger versions (approximate 50-75k in size.)  I've tried to strike a balance between download time and a large enough thumbnail to give a good idea of the image.  Please let me know if I need to adjust sizes.

My "Kids"

Stephen and Wesley
Barclay used this image as a basis for the cover of Harmonies of the 'Net.   At the time I drew it, I didn't realize poor Wesley only got to wear this jacket for about thirty seconds.  After that, it went to Stephen. 

<As most things do...>--->TW

Original: acrylic 8"x10".



  My "Corinthian".  Oldest of the three Rhomandi brothers.  From Dance of the Rings.

Original: Pencil

Deymio copyright 1994 J.S.Fancher


KHYTEMsm.jpg (5378 bytes)

Mikhyel and Dancer

Brother number two.  When asked to describe him for Luis Royo, I said "think Byron crossed with Machievelli."  I think that about covers it. 
The creation of this image is rather convolute.  For the details and a larger image, follow the link.


Stephen Ridenour

Groundties, UpLink, Harmonies of the 'Net.
Let's be honest, he's my #1 "kid."

<Ha!  She admits it!>
Original: Pencil

Stephen copyright 1991 J.S.Fancher


S&Wcloseup copyright 1997 J.S.Fancher

Yet another version of the Stephen and Wesley picture.  This one has been "played with" using Paint Shop Pro.


Kiyrstin & Deymio:
aka Chicken Feathers.

For JPF (just plain fun), this is my favorite pair to write.   They love life and one another, pull no verbal punches, and laugh out loud. Frequently.  The feathers...well, you'll just have to read Ring of Lightning.

The image is a photocopy of a pencil sketch onto colored paper, then colored with colored pencils.

Kiyrs_d2sm.jpg (8597 bytes)



Stephen collage copyright 1997 J.S.Fancher Stephen again.  Just a fun piece that sort of illustrates one of the final scenes in Harmonies of the 'Net.

The original is ... um ... I think it was colored pencil on a photocopy.  I tend to do these things on long trips in the car.  Rather like a kid, I need to be kept occupied, and paint gets a bit...messy.


Yes, it's That Image again.  Aside from the fact that I like all three images for different reasons, I thought it might be fun to show some of the simplest things you can do with a good paint program.  I tend to experiment with this image, so ... there you are.  Again, I used Paint Shop Pro, but the smudge tool/brush that I used to create this effect is pretty standard in paint programs.   Serious fun quotient! 

Since the image is supposed to be Wesley hauling Stephen out of N-Space, this was a singularly appropriate effect.

Wes2sm.jpg (4980 bytes)



TW copyright 1994 J. S. Fancher  


The Wesser

Star of Groundties, UpLink, Harmonies of the 'Net and the soon to be finished Knights of the Westibule.

<Hmph.  About time.>

On to cherryh's Wing

starbar.jpg (10995 bytes)

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