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In my copious spare time, I'm webmastering
Lilac City Figure Skating Club's web page.


Lynn AbbeyFine author and good friend.  Her fantasy is gritty, her worlds rich.  From her amazingly different "take" on elves in Jerlayne to the wild and wooly Thieves' World to her sexy brothers Aleg and Rinchen in Beneath the Web, her 'Net-home is worth the visit.

C.J. CherryhAuthor extraordinaire, sketch artist, fencer, teacher of Latin, Ancient History and Writing---and my best friend.  This is her web-site.

Julie V. JonesAn author whose attitude about her writing I greatly admire.  And she's got a great web-site to boot!

Gary Moreau: I first "met" Gary through the internet. I thought he was an intelligent, insightful, exceedingly kind and generous, longtime SF reader, with the excellent taste to enjoy my books! Then, I discovered he was a closet artist with a very unique vision. A couple of months ago, I found out his first book was coming out from Yard Dog Press, one of Selina Rosen's alternate "hats." He's out of the artistic closet big time now, with his own domain and everything!

Andre Norton:  The first SF author I ever read.  I loved her books as a ten-year-old, as a teenager, and as an adult.  I'm delighted to direct you to this site which will give you the scoop not only on her work but on her High Hallack Dream.

Selina Rosen: What can you say about Selina other than...amazing. On the one hand, she's tough as nails, on the other, as kind and caring a person as you'll ever meet. She's a fine and multi-faceted writer who has taken on the enormous task of a small press as well.

Robert Sawyer:  OK...from the hits he gets, he doesn't need my help, but this is one cool guy, a terrific writer ... okay, I've just read one of his books so far, but I'm going to read more!...and a phenomenal website.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Stuff

SFF World: An on-line SF magazine with reviews, interviews and lots, lots more. 

For This is a site I've only just begun to explore, but it looks interesting.  It's a big site about ... writing.

The Linköping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive: Lots and lots of reviews by various people, as well as links.  The first review of Groundties appeared on this page, and it was positive, so naturally, I love it. 

CJ Cherryh Web Ring. For those interested in CJ Cherryh, or just some really good SF/F oriented mail lists...check out these sites. Well...right now it's just Shejidan and humble self, but there are some others we're trying to get to join us.

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Images reproduced by permission of artists

The Dream. Copyright Mark Ferrari, reproduced here by permission.
copyright Mark Ferrari

Mark Ferrari: Mark was the Artist GoH at InCon 2001, and I had the great pleasure of meeting him and doing panels with him there. He's a fascinating individual, devilishly witty, a fine artist...and if possible, a better writer. Look out for his first novel to hit the stands in the upcoming year or two.

Jeffrey Jones, Illustrator of Fantasy and Science Fiction: Truly one of the Masters of the 20th Century.  This page takes a while to download, but is well worth the wait.  Gallery after gallery of beautiful images.  There's even a live video to the artist's studio! On a personal note, in the formative (for me) sixties and seventies, though I learned to appreciate the works of such greats as Frank Frazetta, only one cover artist truly stood out for me: Jeffrey Jones. The almost dancer-like grace and beauty of the figures and the musical use of color and light gave me chills then and continues to do so to this day. I heartily recommend you read the autobiography on the page: the artist is as fascinating as the work.

Moon and Venus copyright 2001 Jeffrey Jones reproduced here by permission
copyright 2001 Jeffrey Jones

copyright John Perry photo taken by J.S.Fancher
Copyright John Perry

John Perry Sculptures: Twenty-five years ago, my mother got me a present for my twenty-first birthday.  It was the most exquisite sculpture of a dolphin family done by a young artist by the name of John Perry.  This man has gone on to create a phenomenal collection of affordable wild-life sculpture, using a special resin he developed.  I've got two other dolphin pieces, seagulls, and my latest acquisition, pictured here, the air-brushed sea horses. 

I haven't found a home page for Mr. Perry, yet, but the Compass Rose people have a beautiful selection of his work as well as lots of other Fun Nautical Stuff. It is not, I repeat not my intent to promote purchase of items from this company, only that you might enjoy the beauty of this man's accomplishment.

Richard MacDonald is one of the finest figure sculpters alive today. His work celebrates the fine art of being human. I first became aware of his work in the early nineties during a visit to my brother in California and a chance stop at a gallery in Carmel that featured his work. I glanced in the window, saw this incredible bronze statue that just had to be Rudolph Nureyev (the Ballet-guy, folks), and couldn't walk past. I can't begin to do justice in this small paragraph to his work, let alone to his admirable humanitarian goals. Please check out his page so we can ogle together. (awaiting image permission)

Barclay Shaw: cover artist for the Groundties books and a great guy. Go here to check out his other work...and don't overlook the "sculptures" link: the chess table he made for Harlan Ellison is mindbogglingly cool.


Aurora Borealis Page:  Part of Tom Eklund's homepage, which I hope to investigate further one of these days. Some of the most spectacular imagery on the internet. How this guy happens to catch all these Auroras, I don't know, but I'm glad he does.

Lynn Fancher's Home Page: Okay, so she's my sister.  I'm blessed with one of those special sisters who also happens to be a best friend and amazing person.  She's a Biology teacher at the College of DuPage.  She also teaches an internet course.  This is her home page.   Click the little square at the bottom of her index page to go to the real home page, that of her exquisite co-home-owner, Brihonet.

The Hale-Bopp Comet Page:  My first Real Comet.  This is the place for all the info and amazing images.

Intersex Society of North America: Thanks to the well-meaning (but in my opinion ill-considered) interference of the medical community, every child born in the US in the last forty to fifty years has grown up with a warped notion about the absolute nature of gender. The question of nature vs nurture and self-perception has reached new heights of media awareness in the past month or two, but it's been around a long time, and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.  Gender and self-image is a highly complex issue and nothing brings that home quite as clearly as the question of how to rear the hermaphrodite or intersex child.  


Miscellaneous Wonders

Chris Seidel is a grad student in the Dept of Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley. I found his page thanks to an email from my buddy Lynn Abbey. In specific, she sent me to his Shakespeare Insult page to lighten my day. Theoretically, this page should have a link to the insult generator, but in

one of those wonderful mysteries of the internet, sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not, so just in case...Shakespeare Insult Kit.  However, don't stop with the insult kit. Go to and check out the rest of the fun stuff he has available.

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