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Typos and other Things-to-be-fixed in CC e-books

In our ongoing attempt to give our readers the best possible ebook we can, we do want to know about typos and other errata in our books. If you find something, please post it here so I can keep all corrections collected in one spot. No emails, please. No comments on other posts, OK? Right here where I can find them!  😆 Then, once a year, probably around the first of November, we’ll send out a bulk mailing with links to the updated files.

Thanks to all our wonderful little copy-editor elves!

45 comments to Typos and other Things-to-be-fixed in CC e-books

  • Kroyd

    Hiyas, Jane. In Partners, on first read, I noticed these two: Chapter 10, the KotW meeting; “You didn’t even make a fool of yourself. You let you passion rule your tongue. {You let your passion?) And a bit later, same chapter, between JP and the Wesser; “Likely it’s not, but I’m not the most patience guy in the universe. (Patient instead of patience?). That’s all I noticed so far. Since most of my reading has been done between 10pm and 1am, I’m probably lucky I noticed those; certainly it didn’t interrupt my enjoyment of the story. PS I will send you and email this weekend with other story choices, as I wanted to give you a few days with no demands, but you could send me Deliberations so I can join the discussions. Thanks so much again, and tell the Wesser to cool it or you’ll sic Wiishu on him! Lol

    —GOT ‘EM! Thanks!—

  • Partners:

    Page 79 Paragraph beginning, “So…..maybe the dueling offices weren’t – ” 4th sentence, “Yet, it made sense…which involved for more ‘that’ Rycoff’s DProg Program.” Should be “than” rather than “that”.

    Page 148 “Hell, yes. It’s OS depends on Rassumussen’s…” no apostrophe in “it’s”, and is the name Rassmussen, Rasmussen, or Rassumussen, because there are three different spellings to the name within a few pages.

    Page 180, “He fell back a step, instinctive disengagement from territory he had “not” desire to get caught in…” should be “no desire” rather than “not desire”.

    Kevin beat me to the other two that I’ve caught so far.

    —GOT ‘EM! Thanks!—

  • Super! Thanks, guys! Right on all counts!

    ARGH! Kroyd, I’m scum! I shall send them right away!

  • dhawktx

    My notes include the following:

    You’re the one who’d left without an anchor.

    —Got it! Thanks!—

  • OK, here are my comments on the epub versions (not sure of page counts, will provide rather searchable things)
    Partners :
    – p 54 (Sony/Adobe) “Leaving the ferrets to tunnel past” seems allright (as multiple ferrets are used later in the book), but except if they are included in the “standard background search”, only one ferret is specifically written by Wesley in the prior paragraph.
    – p226 “was meeting this… wannbe agent” while wannbe seems ok, its slightly longer “wannabe” variant is more common. It’s the first time I personally (non native) encountered the “wannbe” version.
    – p227 Nothing damnwell useful. same as above : deliberate contraction ?
    – p233 had helped her conceived and construct it –> conceive

    – p 18 Of course, it was also possible JP’s BO was just –> BO ? I suppose body odor, but I needed to think about it.
    – p26 “It wasn’t the row-drug as we know it.” row-drug ?
    – p71 “They’re debating the legal future of the your favorite” superfluous the
    – p73 “According to this things tests” –> this thing’s tests
    – p76 “Hospital. Critical care. Shit.” (I would capitalize the Care to relate it to the previous abbreviation)
    – p138 “And it’s not just the ”NetAt that’s stagnate.” are the two “apostrophes” necessary ?
    – p147 “universe was going to hades in the proverbial handbasket” (Capitalize Hades ?)
    – p148 “he’d been Seneca Smith’s AbRec changling” –> changeling
    – p 150 “He did say he’d try to ind some compromise” –> find
    – p 173 “even if the bias registed with them” –> registered
    – p 213 Frances Smith appeared on the far side of two candidates –> Francis Smith
    – p 290 deplorable treatment of an unattended a minor to the port –> “a” to remove.

    Hope this helps, and thanks for the books, I enjoyed them quite a lot 🙂

    —Thank you! (Changed row-drug to core-side drug, which is more in keeping with the core/slum implications of the extant story. The row is actually a section of the station, but it hasn’t come into play yet.)—

  • Jane, in Yvgenie, I’ve got several:
    Page 192, …hands that looked like the gardener’s hands, a big ragged about the fingertips. Big should be bit.
    Page 248, “Out the window and along a rooftop – you certainly never lost your knack, dear Owl. Unfortunately neither has your wife. Your wife harm to your enemies…” last sentence doesn’t make sense. No predicate.
    Page 266, “Volkhi moved, brushed past the white mare, and broke Chernevog’s grip on him. Volki walked along the streamcourse…” Volki should be Volkhi.
    Page 271, last paragraph, “Her father and Volki were back there”. Volki should be Volkhi.
    Page 272, “Patches was rolling, digging her back into the ground. Volki lifted his head, snorted and returned to his long-overdue good meal.” Volki should be Volkhi.
    Page 276(?), “They lost no time sorting out. Pyetr, on Volki, took Eveshka up…” Volki should be Volkhi.

  • Thanks, Joe! I’ll get those in the file tomorrow.

  • pholy

    Not exactly a typo, but on my two Sony readers, both the PRS-T1 and my older PRS-505, the formatting of the memo starting Chapter 1 (and the other reports) in Partners leaves very little space for text. Checking the css file, I see that the margins for that paragraph class (calibre-31, I think) are set to .7 inches, and that is what the Sony uses. The problem is that a 6 inch screen is 3.5 inches wide, so by the time you take off the @page margins and the body margins and the .7in paragraph margins, there is only about 1.75 inches left for the text. Not all readers give the .7 inch margin, by the way. My 5 inch Hanlin uses .35 inches, and my 6 inch Hanlin uses 6/5 times .35 inches. 🙄
    A better choice would be to use margins of 10% or 12% instead of .7in – sufficient to make a noticeable difference.
    After reading up on @page { } and what little it can do in an ereader, I’d leave out the page.css file. A margin there can only reduce the available area for text.
    Similarly for the body margin, except that I find a 0 margin makes the text a little too tight to the bezel. I haven’t finished my experiments yet, but I think 3% or .1in or 7pt or 2.5mm would be about right.
    I can send pictures, if you like. I’ve been working on a margins-test epub file, but it needs a bit more work before I publish it. I wanted to let you know what I’d found well before your deadline.

  • Thanks a heap! All I have to go on is adobe digital editions and without the margins, the type is up against the sides…very unpleasant. Can I try the change you suggest and send you the file for testing?

    the kindle also doesn’t appear to have any margins inbuilt. It butts text right up against the sides w/o some kind of margin command. And Adobe digital completely ignores the body margins. I have to put it into the paragraph css. ADE drives me crazy!

    I don’t think I really need the reports inset anyway.

  • Kroyd

    OfMnM Chapter 2:Wesley’s will to fight for life hanging on a
    thread that a chain of lie lies had dangerously compromised.(lie lies?)
    Chap.3: Fuck you, he wanted to say. Fuck you all and the politic ass
    you road in on. (political? rode?) Chap.25:Without you brother… I might well have become her man (your?). Wanted to get these in by the 20th. Enjoy your day off!(hope you don’t read this ’til the 18th.)

  • Sgt Saturn

    My Sony Reader doesn’t handle the “s” in “CeauÈ™escu”; not your problem, but I seemed to recall that the name had appeared ‘normal’ the first time I saw it. Sure enough, this first time the name appears it is (mis)spelled with a c-descender rather than an s-descender. I seem to remember seeing and occurrence of “bridg” without the final ‘e’.

  • Sgt Saturn

    Oops, the above comment is regarding Blood Red Moon. As you could probably guess.

  • Oi…so I have a choice: misspell or have it screwy…actually, I think both are “correct.” I’ll check into it and see if I can figure why the sony reader had a problem. Thank you!

    • pholy

      Actually, it’s a missing character in the standard Adobe font set; they only support Western European characters. It’s not like Adobe don’t understand fonts, is it? The same problem shows up on my Sony T1, and my BeBook 2010; both use the ADE engine.
      One fix would be to use one of the full Unicode font sets – what’s one more embedded font? The LinuxLibertineC font is complete enough, and only(?) 800kb. OTOH, it’s made to match the Times-Roman metrics, so it’s sort of ugly, IM(H)O.
      I use Font Forge to check these things, the s-with-comma is a Latin-Extended-B character – from Romanian, oddly enough…

  • pholy

    About 15 or 20 minutes with Google shows both spellings used. Wikipedia uses the s-with-comma, as did some eastern european books. The Oxford Reference uses the c-cedille, as do other western published books. So if you want to publish as a western european, you could use the c-cedille. That certainly simplifies things, doesn’t it?
    I do know a couple of Romanian programmers I used to work with; I could ask which they would say is correct… Let me know if you want me to ask the experts 🙂

    Of course, you might reference the ‘communist era’ instead of Ceauçescu 😈

  • pholy

    Finally picked up Moonlover and read it. Only one typo found: around ADE page 15, there is a ‘though he didn’ta know that.’ That should find it for you… That’s all I got… Good story, I needed something short.
    Happy Orthodox Christmas! I should go re-read Rusalka now, while I’m being Ukranian…

  • Chris

    In the EPUB version of “Deliberations-A Foreigner Short Story” there are three minus signs that are probably meant to be a proper em dash:

    “Tell my grandson,” she said to Cenedi, “that we need not take the world apart. Tell his aishid—we shall defend, but not attack.”

    There’s a space missing between “and” (italics) and “to” in the line:

    to airplanes andto television

    There’s a space missing between “his” (italics) and “hands” in the line:

    to pass the aishidi’tat into hishands.

    There are a lot of em dashes in the text with a space after but no space before. This looks odd, I’ve only seen them used with no spaces either side. These em dashes are basically everywhere, I’m afraid.

  • CJ

    sent to me: Rusalka:
    .4, p.7: and rode off at a brisk pace through Vojvoda’s muddy High Market Street , (space before the comma)

    P.6, p.15: “Your sister is the Tsarevna’s… (missing close-quote)

    P.14, p.8: He’d been born Ilya Kochevikov (should have “to” after “born”)

    P.19, p.9: and he and poured a little of their water on it (second “and” shouldn’t be there)

    P.30, p.13: Sasha got up, pick ed prickly weeds out of his hair (line break shouldn’t be there)

    P.40, p.1: Pyetr would say if Pyetr were totally a food (“food” should be “fool”)

    P.41, p.5: but it Sasha Vasilyevitch had wished the wish (“it” shouldn’t be there)

    P.44, p.11: Please the good god (“P” of “Please” should be italicized)

    P.56, p.10: “Not good,” the old man, (missing “said” after “old man”)

    P.62, p.10: please just get well and let me do what he asks for a few day (“day” should be “days”)

    P.164, p.18: and flexed he fingers of his wounded hand (“flexed he” should be “flexed the”)

    P.186, p.16: He got his breath back and looked past her, toward Sasha . (space before the period)

    P.187, p.7: He can find our way back (missing period at end of sentence)

    P.197, p.3: “That Thing,” Pyetr insisted, “said, “˜She hasn’t any heart (double quote before “She” shouldn’t be there)

    P.229, p.12: “It was this Kavi Chernevog the River-Thing meant, it had to be. Her lover killed her. “He said (double quote before “He said” shouldn’t be there)

    P.250, p.10: And someone had to stay away to feed their little fire (“away” should be “awake”)

    P.255, p.4: “Is it you?” he asked. “ ”˜Veshka?” (first double quote after “asked” shouldn’t be there)

    P.265, p.5: I more than “˜don’t need you,’ boy (double quote after “than” shouldn’t be there)

    P.277, p.4: wishing the visitant back into hole it had come from (“the”missing before “hole”)

    P.285, p.1: Sasha found himself facing Pyetr over Uulamets’ body and Chernevog’s both (“both” should be “body”)

  • If CJC is going to publish the “Fortress” series in e-book format, I’m confused about a couple of things in “Fortress of Ice”. Elfwyn was given his name by Tristen in “Fortress of Dragons”, but in “Ice”, it says that Tarien Aswydd gave him his name. She had wanted to name him some other name, but because Tristen had called him “Elfwyn” three times, and Emuin called him “Elfwyn” when Tristen brought him back from the Edge, she accepted it. One wonders how she stayed so evil through the years, and if Orien were warded in the stones by both Emuin and Tristen, how did she get out to harass Elfwyn, how did Hasufin come back to “life” if he was nothing but straw and dust when Tristen destroyed the “Lord of Magic”? In “Eye of Time”, it says that Tarien never forgave her sister for that minute precedence in their birth, and would gladly stick a knife in her….” If Orien is truly back, why is it that Tarien still accepts her. Didn’t Tarien reject her utterly when Elfwyn was born, Page 225, and then again on Page 393 when Tristen went to Ilefinian through the gray space. It was Tarien and Ninevrise who supported each other against Orien’s magic. On page 394, “…a skirl of dust that, out of the grass of the ruins of Althalen, became the shape of a man… bits of grass and dust formed all the substance that Hasufin Heltain could command now. He had failed his master, failed his bid for the child. The man of dust had reached after Owl, but fell asunder, no more at last than dust and chaff.” Just curious how Tarien became almost as bad as her sister in “Ice”, and allowed her sister to dominate her again. Three times she rejects Orien (the first time was on Page 217), and what we say or do three times is powerful. “One is an accident, two is divisable, but three makes it strong.” I’m paraphrasing here…..

  • Chris

    In the EPUB version of Hellburner there are a number of glitches.

    (Chapter 1)

    Antarctica, where a mean winter temperature is followed by “-50” and a bad UNICODE sequence. Something converted a simple “DEGREE SIGN” to “COMBINING RING ABOVE” and “SPACE”. I don’t think you can combine a ring above a space! Using a degree sign would be much simpler and more likely to display.

    EIDAT computer system with the has “Fleet’s” with an opening, not closing quote.

    9 o’clock. Ten has “effin'” with a straight, not a closing quote.

    batch of shiny new shouldn’t be a quote in “C-1’s”.

    transfer and lost the shouldn’t be a quote in “C-1’s”.

    Spiff uniform and a “tech/2’s” has a straight, not a closing quote.

    If Dekker had killed himself in some is followed by “top-secret” except the “-” is a UNICODE error. Something’s converted a dash into private use (ie non-standard) UNICODE U+F850.

    (Chapter 2)

    hand on him. He space missing from “sawBen”

    hollow-cheeked, waxen look stray open double quote before “did”

    Dek, come on extra space in “d’ you”

    You fuckin’ get off me. single quote missing from “cant”.

    clandestine authority to do what he was doing. It was in single quote missing from “Graffs”

    carried up from level 1. space missing from “Helooked”

    feeling he had. Bet that Graff space missing from “hadcontacted”

    Dekker and the other panicked part of him still bad line break between “wanted” and “to”

    (Chapter 3)

    In that condition it is no better than a stray comma after “missile”?

    (Chapter 4)

    Dekker’s still bad, huh? He say anything? is the next sentence part of the same quote?

    • Chris

      Those UNICODE errors could stand with some more detail and explanation! They cause the characters to get mis-drawn as question marks in some readers (I use a Sony PRS-T1).

      The “COMBINING RING ABOVE” error uses a non-spacing accent character with the following character to produce something that looks like, but isn’t, a degree symbol. If you’re able to look in the generated HTML file COMBINING RING ABOVE (UNICODE U+030A) is encoded as the two bytes 0xCC 0x8A. UNICODE has a DEGREE SIGN (UNICODE U+00B0) character which should be encoded as the two bytes 0xC2 0xB0.

      The “U+F850” error is using a non-standard character instead of what should probably be some kind of hyphen. The character is encoded as the 3 bytes 0xEF 0xA1 0x90.

  • Chris

    More glitches from the EPUB version of Hellburner:

    (Chapter 4 cont)

    while Tanzer said, blithely, space missing in “Yes.Then”

    (Chapter 5)

    when its riders fail quote mark missing in “Ill”

    Graff had been ‘unavailable’ during the hearing, quote mark missing in “Graffs”

    MS and the hash mark quote mark missing in “Graffs”

    when he tried to call over quote mark missing in “Graffs”

    But Dekker got a breath and held on. space missing in “He,said,”

    (Chapter 7)

    lieutenant. I’ll inquire extra space in “you ‘ll”

    lieutenant. I’ll inquire Misspelling “Darnned” should be “Damned”

    (Chapter 8)

    try to defend the technicality Misspelling “MitcheIl” (capital I not lower l)

    Then we fly with it. Typo in “]-G” should be “J-G”?

    leaning on, heavier and heavier. Extra I in “I don’t I like”

    So he said something that wasn’t Typo in “poIitic” should be “politic” (capital I should be lower l)

    Plus ça change, rab.” Sal gave a shake of her Same UNICODE error using U+F850 as in chapter 1.

    nudged his shoulder with his tray. Typo in “cloing” should be “doing” (cl should be d)

    Cory had dreamed of starships, Same UNICODE error using U+F850 as in chapter 1.

    His mother was in trouble, Extra punctuation “… .”

    We can put him with Pollard double quote should be closing double quote, not straight.

    And fall didn’t go Same UNICODE error using U+F850 as in chapter 1.

    Listen all you like, you Same UNICODE error using U+F850 as in chapter 1.

    (Chapter 9)

    decide he was expendable. “Fleer” should be “Fleet”.

    I’m sure you can solve opening double quote should be closing double quote.

    kill yourselves, use a gun, not a “multlbillion” should be “multibillion”

    through in social context double quote should be opening double quote.

    meaning, into space. Those Same UNICODE error using U+F850 as in chapter 1.

    Kreshovs. They’ll keep us “allve” should be “alive”.

    (Chapter 10)

    I’m in the middle of tests double quote should be opening double quote

    (Chapter 11)

    for a minor out of control double quote should be closing double quote

    (Chapter 12)

    Shepherds seriously got to rethink that. “I m” should be “I’m”

    Just a minute, Pollard sentence ends “.,,” should be “…”

    (Chapter 13)

    I had to hear it from Tanzer. bad para break between “don’t” and “like”

    (Chapter 14)

    forever that light stayed space missing between “red.They”

    (Chapter 15)

    Audio cut in, unmistakably a suit spelling “corn” should be “com”

    bolts that released it from its track spelling “corn” should be “com”

    she couldn’t tell if the spelling “corn” should be “com”

    Graff handed him secrets that could mean extra space in “Graff ‘s”, wrong quote

    company representatives, nobody’s sure bad para break between “exactly” and “what”

    (Chapter 16)

    pinpoint a cause and ensure “operatinal” should be “operational”

    lieutenant didn’t give his answer “saidm” should be “said,”

    (Chapter 17)

    that was the story from the Same UNICODE error using U+F850 as in chapter 1.

    (Chapter 18)

    Villanueva asked him. “Anything from the space missing in “JLCor”

    bundle of nerves, holding space missing in “tothe”

    and other hands twisted the seal Same UNICODE error using COMBINING RING ABOVE as in chapter 1.

    schematic a total preoccupation in his Same UNICODE error using COMBINING RING ABOVE as in chapter 1.

    (Chapter 19)

    they could let us come space missing in “aboard.got”

    he wanted the massage, the Same UNICODE error using U+F850 as in chapter 1.

    that’s what this crew’s just proved. “byte” should be “bite”

    an uneasy stomach; and damned “Porev” should be “Porey”

    Didn’t have to go to “Stockholm10” should be “Stockholm” ?


    ECS5 will be Norway “This the story” should be “This is the story”.

  • Thanks everybody…I’ll get at these when I have a chance. Right now trying to finish backlist so can get onto something new. See if I remember how to write…

  • One and only one typo for “Invitations” by CJC.

    [quote] an misunderstanding [/quote] Replace from: [del] an [/del] to: [ins] a [/ins] ;

    Stylistic quibble, I would put the punctuation outside parentheses rather than inside, as done in the text later towards the end. However, it’s consistent throughout, so I don’t think a change is required.


    N.B. I will be starting in on the revised NetWalkers series next and will proof and make notes as I read.

    I’m in the middle of reading Inheritor and Protector, but haven’t made notes for those.

    I want to reread the Chanur books again, and I have the PB Chanur Saga trilogy omnibus handy, so I can make notes with page refs. I recall seeing Aia Jin instead of Aja Jin, and wondering about it, when I first read Pride or Venture, ages ago. Of course, figured out it was the same ship. So I’ve had in mind to proof the Chanur books.

    I’m expecting to get myself back in the groove, back to my reading habits. Way past time.

  • Off-Topic, but of writerly and editorial amusement:

    I just had a fight with silly auto-incorrect. It insisted that “confrontationally” must be “confrontation ally”, which really gives quite another meaning or two altogether!

    However, one perceives that a “confrontation ally” could be quite handy and welcome indeed.

    It was not the proper syntactic or semantic meaning for the sentence, and that was within the same language, not a translation. Ah well, it’s a good thing one is aware of such nuances and does not trust auto-incorrect, which one assiduously turns off whenever it rears its ugly head.

    But one thanks all those “confrontation allies” out there nonetheless.

    Submitted for your edification and amusement.

  • Wildcards:

    “dinner role” (roll)

    “phased out” works, tho’ I’d guess there’d be a better word

    but “barely phased him” should read “barely fazed him”

    ” finger in the dyke ” (dyke)

  • er, obvious typo in my last line. Sorry. It’s an Internet requirement.

  • Thanks, hank! Your posts should go right through now. I actually got these fixed these before sending out the new version. Thanks for emailing me.

  • Chris

    In the EPUB version of Invitations (short story) there are a number of punctuation errors.

    (Section 1)

    the human paidhi – the comma after “translator” should be outside the parenthesis, or probably just deleted.

    Assassin’s Guild, as most guards are – the comma after “are” should be deleted.

    (Section 10)

    I talked with Wilson-paidhi only once is followed by a period which should be deleted.

  • Mortlach

    Just finished (and enjoyed) Nexus: Found four typos:

    1) “how sorry they all were to loose him from the team” (loose -> lose)

    2) “worked out Wesley this morning” (worked out with Wesley; I’m not sure anyone can really work out Wesley 🙂

    3) “Wesley had kept information from him, key information the ”NetAt” (extra apostrophe in front of NetAt)

    4) “My parent sled the charge” (parent sled -> parents led)

  • oOOO…I think I like parent sled the charge! 😀

    Thanks everyone!

    BTW…I’m finally actually reading Heavy Time and Hellburner and am a little appalled. There are so many conversion artifacts in those, mainly in spacing and punctuation. These will get fixed eventually. Hope to have “cleaned up” versions available in late November.

  • Othin

    Thanks for fixing the log on problem

    I got the Mobi files of WildCards, NeXuS and ColdFusion about 5 weeks ago:

    WildCards Position 6066/GroundTies Postion 4462 –> “… The Great Spirit loved the People and believed in their ability to mature beyond their petty childish attitudes. He knew that together they would be stronger, better, than either side alone. So rather than destroy the bridge, he ordered Father-sun to stop shining on the People. Challenge them, he thought. Make them seek answers rather than
    “The rains and shows descended on them
    and is there something missing? “Challenge them, he thought. Make them seek answers rather than” hadn’t been there in GroundTies? So how is the sentance ending?

    WildCards Position 6115 –> All eyes now turned to Anevai. She’d worked hard on that presentation. The story had been dedicated to his arrival. They’d all been waiting for his for reaction.
    a for to many

    NeXuS Position 1838 –> Cantrell: ”About” TJ: “That implication you made to Smith” Of all the various twists and turns that post-meeting meeting of Cantrell’s had taken, that one without doubt had TJ the most puzzled – and concerned.
    post-meeting meeting?

    NeXuS Position 8786 –> (Tingling that makes his body not his own. A feeling the Ridenour knows all too well. And despite own his protests, despite his denial, the Ridenour begins remembering awful things.)
    own his protests?

    NeXuS Position 9363 –> “Nayati, do you want Rostov to happen here?” But to voluntarily turn himself over to that… Awareness, with no controls, no way to turn it off … What if he should he lose himself as he so nearly did, moments ago?
    Should this be: What of him should he lose himself as he so nearly did, moments ago?
    or rather: What if he should lose himself as he so nearly did, moments ago?

    Cold Fusion Position 7593 –-> “I must return to Cantrell or everything she and your father have worked for will be ruined.
    Nayati’s father? Shouldn’t it be Anevai’s father?

    Cold Fusion Position 7785 / Harmonies of the Net Position 5917 –-> – unless …” She paused, recalling one instance where he’d exposed everything in the middle of a crowded parking lot. “Unless?” he prompted. “
    in a crowded parking lot? I thought it was when Stephan tried to talk to Cantrell – in the house of Anevai’s grandparents. Or is the “parking lot”here just used as a figure of speech?

    Cold Fusion Position 8139 / Harmonies of the Net Position 6302 ––> Returning to his campsite – such as it was – he tried one last time to raise Phil, the ship or the local pop radio station.
    Isn’t Wesey’s campsite within the tunnel? So he had to go outside – to his pickup point?

    happy 1. advent everyone

  • Othin

    @GroundTies – Position 801
    … is going is going to start asking Lexi’s question, isn’t he? – doublette

    Position 942 – Stephan says about Smith credentials
    “-his will still be ten years more valid than mine and with the most revolutionary concept in ‘Net history to its credit.”
    – why 10 years – Smith published his Harmonies only 4 years ago?

  • Othin

    WildCards Position 3002
    Let the blood pound in his cars, let his back strech out, …. Cars? I like it.

  • ready4more

    Peacemaker: (I know it’s not CC, but CJ will be interested.)
    1. location 329 “one each other” suggest replace with “one another”
    2. location 385 “they said were sorry” suggest replace with “They said they were sorry”
    3. location 1271 “Liedi” – in may of the previous mentions the servant’s name was Lieidi. This is actually a problem in #14 rather than #15. Liedi was consistently used throughout #15.
    4. location 3206 “to for Narani” suggest replace with “for Narani”
    5. location 3705 “would to go to” suggest replace with “would go to”
    6. location 4798 Insert a chapter break and add the History to the Table of Contents in the Kindle version.
    7. location 4966 “statue” suggest replace with “statute”
    8. location 5017 Tirnamardi inferred as an Edi/Maschi estate. Believe this should be Kajiminda or Dalaigi.
    9. location 5073 “was had a crisis” suggest replacing with “”was a crisis” or “had a crisis”
    10. location 5210 “Yolande” change spelling to “Yolanda”

    I may have missed some in my overnight reading….

  • Ditto for knowing it’s not CC, but…Peacemaker, page 100, 4th paragraph (which begins ‘And a slap in the face…’) ‘….to mourn the downfall of a much more impotant clan’ which could be either “important” or “impotent’, depending on your viewpoint of the Ajuri clan. Given the sense of the very first sentence on that page, ‘…either deprecating the importance of Ajuri clan….’, it is probably ‘important’, but then again, thinking about how Ajuri clan was unable to affect the aiji’s decisions, or the outcome of certain events, perhaps ‘impotent’ is also applicable?

  • ready4more

    Visitor: First time in the book Irene is referred to as Irene Wilson; afterwards she is referred to as Irene Williams, and her mother is Ms. Williams. I think this just slipped through the cracks although my original thought was that Irene was a distant relative to Wilson-paidhi and would evolve into a paidhi herself.

  • Emergence: Page 233, bottom line. “Antaro paused,…” but this scene is in Tatiseigi’s home. Antaro is currently with Jegari on the bus currently under siege on the way to Diegi.

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