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A belated Thanksgiving note

…to all of you for keeping our spirits and enthusiasm up through what has been a tumultuous (to say the least) year. Without all of you cheering us on, Closed Circle might have slowly faded away as a cool idea, but way too much work, in a year with so much else needing to be […]

2009 first snow!

Survived filking last night, in fact had a wonderful time, tho Patty and Mike and the whole Tri-Cities contingent couldn’t make it. Patty’s got a GOH gig in Portland next weekend and needed to write. So…disappointment there, but had a great time.

Got up this AM to, yes, snow! Yay! Not a lot, but enough […]

Catzilla invades China!

Flash: our correspondant in China has been made privvy to exclusive photos of an alien invasion in China. Naysayers maintain these photos are fakes, pointing out the subtle effects of photo-manipulation. Drug companies protest character assassination.

Tell this to the locals whose lives are being disrupted by this huge creature.

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The fireplace insert arrived!

And it’s gorgeous!

Merry Christmas to us! This is the one thing we really wanted for the house, and it’s a whole lot cheaper (and cleaner) than plumbing the fireplace for natural gas. Besides which, natural gas fireplaces give me a headache if I sit too near. Carolyn’s very sensitive to wood smoke, so a […]

A long overdue…


Sometimes it takes a concerted effort to do something exactly right to truly screw it up.

Most of you know that Carolyn lost her mom this summer. At the time, she came up with this wonderful notion of adding a snow-viewing lantern to our pond in memory, not just of her mom, but of […]

Silly question for the day…

Does anyone else have a pet that just smells good? (Spouses don’t count. They’re supposed to “smell right.”)

I’ve had three wonderful cats, Effy, Elrond and Efanor. Loved the first two dearly, and Rondo was, IMO, the Most Amazing Cat Ever, but I was never conscious of their smell. But then, they never parked in […]

Pond Camo

Whoever thought I’d be standing on a rock arranging leaves on the bottom of a pool? Welcome to my life. 😆


Flying time

Gomen kudasai

OSG said something last night that kind of took me by surprise. She said rather than long posts, I need to post smaller and more often. But, thought I, I’ve been posting just about every day. What’s she talking about. Then, I looked at the calendar and realized that between getting ready […]

Brain of a newt…

That’s me. I got cocky. Thought I was all better, then overdid. Got the worst sunburn I’ve had in years and caused a relapse. Dim bulb!!!!

But before you feel too sorry for me, that means that today I’m staying inside and reading Faery Moon. Life’s so hard. 😆

ITMT, I thought I’d share some […]

Miscon: had a wonderful time…

…but feeling oh, so guilty. I fear Typhoid Mary and her minions may have infected the entire con.

Yes, for those who haven’t heard, CJ came down with some virus the day we left for the convention and spent pretty much the whole convention in the room, face down in the beandip. Now, this isn’t […]