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A few thoughts…

During a slow period. We took Tuesday off because we were exhausted and it was a good time. We missed the Novice and Junior compulsory dances and the Novice ladies final. Oh, well. Can’t see everything.

And yesterday (Wednesday) we caught the Novice Dance Finals and the Junior Dance Original Dance but missed the Junior […]

Nationals: Day 3

Mens. Wow. Just Wow.

In all honesty, Ryan should be going to the Olympics. But…I get ahead of myself. Before we talk about the big four, some really great performances were put in by some fellows who will probably never stand on the podium and for whom this was likely their only/final shot at Nats. […]

Nationals: Day 2

Senior Pairs free skate.

Oh…wow. You just never know when the magic is going to happen. I was a little surprised when Rena Inoue & John Baldwin announced they were returning for another go at Nationals. I mean, she’s 34 and he’s 37! That’s ancient for figure skaters! They did well in the short, but […]

Nationals: day 1

Tracy Tanovich & Michael Chau from 2007 exhibition

Phooey. I was hoping to post daily, but I’m getting home exhausted and up barely in time to get myself out the door. I started this Saturday AM and almost missed the beginning of the Champ Pairs finals because I thought I had an […]