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Yes, Virginia…and all the other states and countries…

It lives.

Sorry to be so flipping silent this year. It’s been a little crazy. I haven’t even kept up with pictures, so I can’t even tell you what all I’ve been doing. I just know…the year has disappeareded. I’m not even going to edit this thing, so…beware! Likely lots of wordsalad ahead.

Right now, I’m sitting here, scanning old documents that we can’t just toss because of the seven year limit on tax stuff. Suffice to say, I’m bored out of my mind. I’d much rather be pulling carpet or ripping out a wall in the bathroom, or pulling weeds, or doing a Wiishu slideshow, or better than everything, working with Carolyn on the latest Bren book.

But I’ve got to do some of all the above each day, because somehow, I’ve got to get ahead of this pile of stuff. I can make excuses all day for never having done this, but the boredom is right at the top of the list. I did, finally, find a scanner I can live with. It’s a little thing called a “doxiego” that sits in front of my keyboard. I can feed stuff through bunches at a time, from statements to contracts to sales-slips, then import the ocr’d images into my computer edit and save with appropriate names, and with connected images “stapled” and saved into the same pdf.

Mind you, I could do all that before, but our scanner was a big scanner/printer, fax that sits on the far side of the office, with a really snarky document feeder. Each item had to be individually scanned, then saved before moving onto the next. Can you say…tedious? Anyway, I think this is going to work well, and with so many statements and such now downloadable…keeping up with new stuff should be pretty straight forward.

It’s all this old stuff that’s a pain. But…we’ll get there. Thank goodness most of it can be recycled. Talk about landfill!

Work on the next Bren book is going really well. After Visitor was finished, CJC and I took a roadtrip and just discussed where the series needed to go from there…and what this book needed to do in specific. We got to Brother Chip’s, our destination, and CJ was right onto the computer taking notes. By the time we got home, she had a solid outline.

You never know quite how a book is going to happen…well, we don’t. What the formula writers do is beyond my experience. But this time, there are two parallel storylines and Carolyn attacked one while I did some basic bones work on the other. When she had a solid scene or three on hers, she’d send it over to me for editing while I sent her those bare bones and let her turn it into actual story. This way, we’re both “up” on what’s happening and insights into the story happen on a daily basis. It’s a whole lot like when she was writing Cyteen, and is a superfun working relationship.

It’s been working really well, and it looks like that end of October deadline will be met with at least a very solid, well beyond first draft, if not ready to go manuscript.

And you’re going to love it.

As soon as it goes in, I’m taking a break and putting Homecoming Games together. It’ll be available soon, if the cover is nothing more than a starfield with typeface!

And then…there’s B Brown. Phone calls several times a day now. Never knew it could be so satisfying to hear the phone ring once before “blocked” showed up to silence it. Wheeeeeee!

Long overdue Wiishu/Miike slideshow soon!

hugs to all.

Dance-a-thon, GE-style

As Nigel would say: Cue music!

(putting the first one in here as well so I have only one link for the whole thing.)


I’m (very) slowly getting into the backlog of photostories. As any agricultural type knows, there are certain extremely important times of year that can make or break a garden. Times when the gods must be propitiated. Wiishu and Pooki heard us talking and…well…

Hazards of being a Garden Elf

I’m way behind on everything…and this is one reason why. So much to do in the garden this spring! And a certain little house and garden elf doesn’t make things any easier….

Time for another overdue story!

Two years ago, Wiishu’s DoA hero, Miike, came to visit us after . So far, I’ve done up their little episode feeding the fish, but that’s only the middle of the story. Here’s another segment…

Carousel party—the rest of the story

The Carousel Adbenchur Continues!

Patty has given us the go-ahead, soooooo…

OMG Tanya and Nancy together again

Thanks to Sharon’s FB post, I found this gem. These two charming nutcases have put together a hallway “museum” to Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. They did a kickstarter for $75 to blow up some pics, and ended up with over $2000. It went into the museum and likely to the opening party. This is the official tour of the museum…and it’s a riot. Easy to see why these two are best friends…There are some good documentaries that come up with this one. The “anything to win” is really interesting. But serious. This is just fun!

GASP! Has it been two years!?!

Moooooom! You said you posted dis! I’m’s morteefiyded!


Id wuz so bery excitin’! Pitchurs are much bedder dan words: