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Doll and Horse Modding Links

This is where I’m going to start gathering my reference stuff for my new hobby. At this point, they will be in no particular order. Eventually, I’ll probably find some sort of pattern, but for now, just have fun!

Knight’s Tale Studio: http://horseguru.blogspot.com/: great info on modding model horses! I’m headed for one of these embossing torches at the next sale!

White Horse Productions: http://www.whitehorseproductions.com/equinecolor.html: this is actually the link to the super cool horse color genetics part of her page, her mods are gorgeous, but I didn’t see as much useful modding info as on Knight’s Tale.

Firebird Arts and Music: They seem to be getting out of it, a lot of “limited to stock on hand” but I think the 6″ sword might be a good scale for M&V

1:4 scale sword: theysay1:4 scale, which s/b close for Vanye, but I think it sounds pretty large. Pretty, tho.

More will be forthcoming as I find the pages!

Modding Tools

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