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Gate of Ivrel: Claiming RitesRead online for free.

As always, please respect my copyright on these images! :wub:

Oh, poofers! I left out the double page spread that segues from Morgaine to Vanye. Ah, well, when I figure out how to get the darned thing to load properly from a zip file, I’ll fix it. Whaddaya want fer free? :tongue:





6 comments to Comics!

  • What rites are you claiming? I have visions of pentagrams, black candles, a dark stone altar, and Jane as the High Priestess chanting her copyright to the people gathered around the altar.
    Then some silly ass comes along and says, “It’s claiming RIGHTS!” and the people nearest him grab him and tie him face up on the altar. The High Priestess then proceeds into another RITE, this one of locking the poor soul into an endless life of continually correcting peoples’ spelling and grammar. Alas, he will be like Cassandra! :w00t:

  • mmberry

    I bought my copy years ago and it still amazes me! I remember how I felt about pages 4-10, which I think is the intro in GATE OF IVREL. I don’t remember if I read GoI before or after I read any of the Union/Alliance books. I know that the intro did not stick in my head the way pages 4-10 of the graphic novel did. It was more than just visual v. written word. It put the novel into an unknown slot in the U/A timeline. I was a fan of the Faded Sun books and my friend was a fan of the Morgaine books, that I read to make her happy. One of many books I have read so that I would understand someone else. I don’t mind admitting she was right.

  • The Mad Hatter

    Nice work. Very nice work.

    On a separate note, just started reading Netwalkers. That wasn’t very nice the way you ruined the Admiral’s dinner. Got my attention though 🙂


    • It’s usually a greater surprise for an admiral to be able to finish a dinner without interruption. I’ve served under several different admirals, each one handles things differently, but I never forgot the first admiral I served for – that man was absolute class and he treated the enlisted sailors like people, not like assets to be dealt and bargained.

  • Oh, Cantrell was PO’d at first, that’s fer sure! She reconciles a bit when the mystery cuts in, but I think she’s going to demand a replacement dinner when she gets back to Vandereaux!

    Joe, I imagine, at least this is how Cantrell developed, that a lot would depend on the circumstances under which a person becomes an admiral, wouldn’t it? I mean, CJ’s Signy Mallory came into her own in an environment that required a certain cut-throat decision making. Cantrell’s primary job has been negotiating situations with people with far less firepower than she has. Ideally, one w/b able to switch back and forth depending on the needs of a given situation, but realistically, they’re two fundamentally different mindsets that fit the situation the puts them into power.

    One thing I haven’t worked into my future history is serious conflict. At this point, the ComNet is still new enough and the society so thoroughly interconnected, that human aggression is localized “disturbances” where the alliance ships truly have the opposition outgunned.

    I haven’t actually visited those human occupied areas, like Earth, that aren’t signatory to the Alliance ComNet contract.

    So many possibilities. Gotta get this CC stuff out of the way so I can actually investigate this universe!!!!!

    • I agree, the circumstances usually do shape the person who is undergoing the experience (does that make sense or is it the codeine talking??) An admiral who was “shaped under fire” such as Mallory would possibly have a hard time “negotiating” things, since her experience has been to shoot from the hip. Witness how she acts toward any of the Merchanters, even though she’s protecting them, she still is quick to assert her self-perceived superiority. Now, Cantrell having learned the fine arts of negotiation on her way up the ladder, might not be as quick to shoot as Mallory, but unless you’re in a situation where you’re being shot at and you know your enemy, it might be better to back off and evaluate the situation. Just as a sidelight, that is one of the biggest causes of what we so loosely term “friendly fire”. People who don’t take the few seconds to evaluate the situation before they open up. Nobody was shooting at the troops below when they opened up and killed Pat Tillman. I’ve never witnessed it, but I have spent considerable time in training on how to prevent such incidents. Unfortunately, too many people have a “cowboy” attitude and draw and shoot without first thinking about what or who they’re shooting at. Given a full blown shooting war, I’d pick Mallory. But any other time, I’d pick Cantrell, especially since she has the advisory staff that is not afraid to tell her what they think, and she listens! I sometimes think Mallory’s ego gets in her way and she kind of just steps in the dog-doo and can’t figure out how to clean it off.

      Remember, too, that most people never give a damn about the dogface in the foxhole, the sailor who’s manning the gun, or the airman on the machine gun. Stories tend to focus on officers, because they’re the ones who are in charge, who make the plans, and send the troops to carry those plans out (or to die), while the glory goes to the officers, not the poor sap who has to do the work. It’s one reason I was glad I never became an officer – I was always on the enlisted mens’ side. So, aye-aye, Captain, we’re ready to sail.

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