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You’re not going to believe this…

Yet another version of Ring of Lightning cover. I decided my reasoning behind my bare-skinned bros was just too esoteric for going up on Amazon…so I gived ’em shirts. I also messed a bit with their hair.

For those who would like to have the new covers for this or BRM (or when I upgrade […]

A page has been added!

I’ve added a separate page where you can go to discuss the NEW BOOK without putting spoilers on the main post page.

Check on the sidebar for the pages widget for Alizant: discussion

Well…isn’t that special? For some reason it’s not allowing comments on pages! Always did before. Going to try different themes. Pages w/b […]

Rings of Change: Alizant is ready for liftoff!

Or download, as the case might be. I can’t believe it. It’s actually done. Wow….Next up, Blood Red Moon…unless I change the title…

Or maybe…sleep….

Just…check out the link, okay?


A bit of History: Rings of Change: Alizant

Katoji: Ask and ye shall receive…even if a bit late!

The “how” and “when” of RoC: Alizant is a bit involved (what isn’t in my life!?! :biggrin: ) A sequel involving Alizant’s machines was always “in the plan”, but after I finished Ring of Destiny, I really wanted to get back into my SF universe. […]

It’s a cover!

Been a productive weekend. Got back to work on the front and the dry streambed is taking shape. And Alizant’s cover’s done!!!!


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A question of hyphens….

Hi, y’all,

Sorry to be so non-communicative. Been working on getting Ring of Lightning ready to post and it’s proven to be more work than I’d expected. The file I had was the original that I sent to DAW, but a) it was written in Volkswriter, which meant some manipulation, esp to resurrect italics, and […]

Ring covers: The set

Okay…here they are. Looking at them, I’m going to need to change the proportions on Destiny (the word in the title) a bit, but not right at the moment. I’m…tired! I’m going to go curl up with my computer and the Rusalka file and pretend I’m working.

But here, just for giggles, is the set […]

Ring of Destiny, the cover

Here we go again!

One thing I did not want for this trilogy finale was a cover featuring any one of the boys or any one scene. “Destiny” applies equally to all of them, and each one is equally important to the ultimate fate of the Rhomatum Syndicate of Nodes. So…I knew I wanted all […]

Deymio’s rings

More round things!

I always knew I’d have to do the rings one day, and the Destiny cover was it. Thank goodness for graphics programs!

I actually simplified them…no way I was doing a gazzilion whizzing concentric rings! Basically, I just started with a ring, the same as I’d made the others, then I began […]

RoI: the cover

Now we have all the elements, we’ll see what you think of how I ended up putting them together. I have to admit, I’m still on the fence with this one. Pros and cons all over the place. I like all the elements, and watching the slide show, I like different ones for different reasons. […]