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They are up!

All my hard work of the last decade is finally seeing the light of day. I hope you like them as much as I do. I’m too tired to do it right now, but in the next day or two I’ll try to put my thoughts together on why I’ve been so obsessed with this […]

The WildCards cover is underway!


Came home from Patty’s all charged up and ready to tackle this pesky project. I’ve been fighting for months to get the painting function of PSP to give me anything remotely useable, now, suddenly…heeeere’s Wesley:

He’ll be really small on the cover, but I’ll probably use the figure as an interior illo, just […]

Pholy, BCS...and any other CSS savvy reader...

FIXED! The final word: The stupid app has a default that you have to flick in order to see the PUBLISHER’S formatting. Who ever heard of defaulting to UGLY!?! Worse, said default switch is hidden in the DICTIONARY option!

Shame, B&N. Shame shame shame shame shame.


I’m officially ready to weep….

All this work…

And my epub files on the ipad nook ap show little to no formatting. They show one of the several installed fonts…or no, that’s not right. Stowe open face shows in one spot but not another. The only place it gets the centering right is the first line of the title page. […]

Well! I have been properly chastised....

One thing I’ve wasted a ridiculous amount of time on since I began building the Mobi off of the epub rather than doing them separately is the “start” position for the mobi file. If you don’t designate a spot, it chooses what it believes to be the beginning of the actual book…which ends up a […]

Hope Today is Better than the Last Two...

Sunday. I’ve never been happy with Alizant’s face. Too old, eyes look wrong, hair wrong…so I decided to give it one last try. I built this face off a photo. The eye placement, if nothing else, should have been right, but something in the changes to the facial shape just made it…wrong. Or maybe the […]

Book Revisions Update

Almost done! Working on the last of CJC’s, The Writing Life: Vol 2, and the first of the Ring books today. Haven’t even looked at the Ring books so don’t know if I’m doing much more than switching out covers on them. Hope not. But we’ll see. BRM had to be reconstituted from the rtf […]

Just When You Think it was Fixed...

UPDATE: I can’t believe this. It’s 1:08 in the effin’ AM and I just got through ANOTHER adjustment of that file! The auto download is still screwed and I went to send someone new links…and for some reason the epub looked…wrong. I checked the expletive deleted meta and the author name was still wrong! this […]

Last minute crazies…

I’m trying to prep Yvgenie. Nice, simple file. S/b simple.

Ha! I’ve decided I really like the font, Sherwood, with the small caps for the letters after the leading cap. I get the file all done. Looks good. Bring it up in Adobe Digital Reader…and no Sherwood font. Two hours later I figure out: ADR […]

Fun With GLGs…the Fruits of my Labors

I’ve had such a hard couple of days….prettifying my gorgeous Wesley and JP for their cover. My oh my…life is hard. Well, I’ve done other useful things, but this… Yummy!