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Disturbing trends in the name of equality

Several years ago, my agent talked me into reading a book by one of his other clients. This was, he claimed, the next best-selling phenomenon and he wanted me to write just like this author. (For those of you who know the book of which I speak, let’s not name names, OK? It’s irrelevant to […]

I'm in a State of Shock...

Sheesh. This is total rough draft. But I have WRITING to do! Deal. 😀

I have a last line. This might not seem like a Big Deal, but for me, it is. Every other book, sometime during the middle, the last line of the book…where it was all headed…has come to me. It’s the ultimate […]

It lives!

Okay…I know I’ve been really silent. I apologize for that. Wish I could say I had a good reason, but it boils down to a brain on overload.

TMI-time, but this blog began as a chronicle of life as a writer, and this overload has been a major problem for years. Menopause was a bitch […]

Sometimes...it's smarter not to ask why....

I think Wesley just didn’t like how I was handling the scene. It really was only one scene that ended up lost (whew) and when I hit it again, I took a substantially different approach. I’m still doing 52 card pickup on the scene, but I think it’s going to be much stronger for the […]

Point: computer…again

…in the on-going battle of lost digital information and challenges to sanity.

Even Wiishu has been pretty quiet the last couple of weeks because I’ve been working on (sound the trumpets) writing! CJC and I went on a little reading road trip and I finally got deep enough into Homecoming Games to start attacking the […]

ODTAA vs multi-Causality

One of the tricksiest parts of writing the kind of story I do is that, at some point, all the storylines need to collide thanks to Causality. I set up a gazillion characters with their own agendas and associated storylines and somehow, they all need to intersect believably for the denouement. Finding their common threads […]

Who Knows What When

One of the real tricks of writing is controlling who finds out key ingredients to the plot and when. I’m struggling with a conversation right now that makes sense…if it takes place in JP’s office. If it takes place aboard Cetacean, a whole lotta people are going to know a whole lot more than I […]

HomeComing Games Moves: Whining Over!

Yippeee! I’d still love feedback, but I never meant to make people to feel guilty. An odd side effect of either what I write or how I write is a real lack of feedback. My brain tells me, from the little I do get, that everything’s OK, but the gut remains unsure. It’s one reason […]

Sale ending soon and new pages

Remember…sale ends tonight. coupon: SpoCon10From the feedback, this is a popular notion. We’ll probably spring something like this every time we have a new book/story up. Just sayin’. Curiously, the hardest thing about sales conceptually for me is knowing that some of our best supporters already paid full price. I am NOT a good merchant […]

They are up!

All my hard work of the last decade is finally seeing the light of day. I hope you like them as much as I do. I’m too tired to do it right now, but in the next day or two I’ll try to put my thoughts together on why I’ve been so obsessed with this […]