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New Book!

NW: Homecoming Games

First Draft

70,500 of 150,000 Words (47%) complete

Battle of the Bulge

One day at a time

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New Book on Hold


First Draft

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Me an' my new fwen!

Mom’s busy wif all d’pitchurs fwom SpoCon, so I’m gettin’ t’do d’blog! Cool, huh? So much to talk about! My heads ez spinning. But I gots to shows you my FAVRITE! Dis iz Roget! He’s sooooo cool! An’ WEALLY smart! Him an’ me danced wot Mom called a pah de Twoses! Check out dese cool […]


Here’s the Hillywood webpage. Check out their other vids on YouTube. TOOOO FUN!

Thanks to my sis for this one:

And talk about girl power! All the costume fabrication, set building, camera work…all women! You go, gals! They’ve got a sponsor list a mile long.


Who knew cellos could do this? (It doesn’t hurt that the guys are cute as buttons!)

Hope this works. Should link to a list of their videos. Highway to Hell, where they “jam” with guitarist Steve Vai, is wild. Happy listening! Oh…and be sure to check out the “funniest moments” videos. I want to […]

Pooki wants to go rule the universe from here:

Another YouTube time waster

Been meaning to post something on these for a while. Donna just reminded me about them. This is just one to get you started. I don’t know if companies are doing these or individuals. Some are definitely series with the same dolls. But beyond the special effects and, in some cases, the special sculpts of […]

I know most of you have more class

But, yeah…I do watch AGT for the handful of gems. I record it then watch with a trigger-happy fast forward finger. And WOW did they have a gem last night. This has everything: extreme talent, extreme creativity, extreme eye candy…and best of all extreme humor. Check it out:

Meantime…my fellow dance lovers…What do you […]

Because we haven’t had a cute kitty vid in a while

And because you can never had enough love songs. Thank you, Donna!!!!

DWTS 2013 Finale

Oh…I’m soooo nervous. I want Kelly to win sooooo bad!

For those not watching, Kelly Pickler’s freestyle absolutely clinched it, as far as I’m concerned. I think Derek has been waiting his entire life for a partner like this to choreograph a routine like this. If you haven’t seen it, watch it right now. This […]

Dinos rule!

OK. I’m probably like the last person in the world that doesn’t know about Ugobi Pleo Dinos, but if there’s anyone as ignorant as I, have a gander at this… and the score of other UTube vids of these little robots.

And how was your May Day?

Sobering new statistic on global warming:


Darn it world, wake up and get out of denial!

Fortunately, my next email was from my sis and contained this gem. The intro is a bit lengthy, but the rest is worth it!