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Scrapbooks---the real deal

Back in the 80’s, when I envisioned the ComNet, I thought I was exaggerating when Wesley complained about it being clogged with Joe Dweeblethorp’s grocery lists. I fear I was not too far off. I wonder, sometimes, what our legacy to the next generation actually will be. FB archives filled with, yes, grocery lists […]

Been a loooong time…

…since I’ve actually read a book. Embarrassing to admit, but between time, mental focus and a whole lot of things not worth talking about, all I’ve been able to do is skim and set aside the handful I wanted to read when the read-for-pleasure neurons reawakened. After finding the end to HG, and while I […]

First Advice for English Majors

Wow! Two posts in two days! what’s the world coming to?

Some recent interactions with writers caused me to post the following on FB. It really turned into a blog post, so…here y’go!

Carolyn and I have worked with a lot of writers over the years and at the risk of pissing some people off, […]

I'm in a State of Shock...

Sheesh. This is total rough draft. But I have WRITING to do! Deal. 😀

I have a last line. This might not seem like a Big Deal, but for me, it is. Every other book, sometime during the middle, the last line of the book…where it was all headed…has come to me. It’s the ultimate […]

Christmas with the Pookster

Merry Wintersday to Me: the good, the bad, and the downright terrifying

Two days ago, I was very close to slitting my wrists. Seriously. Not physically, I’m not remotely suicidal, but my writing wrists…yes. I was seriously contemplating hanging it up forever. It’s a long story.

As most of you who have followed me the last few years know, I’ve been struggling to get my writing going […]

Just a cute little pic

I found from Pook’s first few months with us…


I think, maybe, I’ve got the sequencing worked out in the middle of HomeComing Games! I’m at the end of the section I had written out and am beginning to go into brave new territory! Let’s hope for an end by Christmas!!!!!!

Wiishu’s Den of Angels Interview

One of the “games” on Den of Angels is an interview with your resin kid. Wiishu finally filled it out last night and I thot I’d share it.

Wiishu FL LTF Shiwoo Modified Default Faceup Eyes…I think they’re from junkyspot. Purple hair: generally blond. From me and my fake fur box. Age…I think he […]

Halloween’s a’comin’!

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I had fun…took the day to get Wiishu’s Halloween outfit completed. And since my main BD prezzie from Carolyn was (a) the end of the current foreigner book and (b) two weeks of her time helping sort through the stuff and get what we don’t want out of the […]