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The red-line Toshi has been replaced…

By a Hewlett Packard. And it’s sooooo cute! It was a quick ship and a much better deal than the same machine custom built. It’s a lot of machine for under $1000.00.


I love my router!

Actually both of them. But this time, I’m talking wood, not computers.


Depression is…

Taking the plunge to rip into your laptop without anything resembling a manual, getting it back together with no extraneous parts… and discovering it didn’t change a thing.


Sometimes a problem is just an excuse…

…for new toys.

My USB woes actually took a fun turn. The usb failure on the mobo took out the USB ports on the front as well as the back. In order to operate, I really need front accessible ports, so I went hunting for options. Boy have USB hubs come a long way in […]

Adventures in computing continue.

I lost it today. I don’t often do that on the phone, but I got seriously angry at the oh-so-polite, oh-so-lying through his teeth customer non-service guy at Toshiba.


Computer update.

Good news and bad news. Cooling off did nothing. Attaching another monitor was successful, but it was an old monitor, not an lcd and I think the video card accesses it differently, so I’m not sure that tells us it’s all in the screen or cable. An attempt to find instructions for disassembling the Qosmio […]

Gomen, Wesley-san…

Gomen kudasai

Gomen, gomen, gomen. Of course I’m glad you were born. You’re my #1 son! You’re a brilliant, kind, wonderful, perfect individual. I wouldn’t change a thing about you.

(Now art thou happy, you spoiled—*MURPH*)

{That’s sama, to you.—>TW}

I love the Wesser…

I truly do. But there are times I wish he’d never been “born.” He’s evidently seriously PO’d at me for working on everything except his story. I’ve had nothing but computer problems ever since I began working on the Closed Circle stuff.


Miscon: had a wonderful time…

…but feeling oh, so guilty. I fear Typhoid Mary and her minions may have infected the entire con.

Yes, for those who haven’t heard, CJ came down with some virus the day we left for the convention and spent pretty much the whole convention in the room, face down in the beandip. Now, this isn’t […]

It’s dead, Jim…

At least, the USB ports are. The Linux Live Disks couldn’t find them either. I did a repair on WinXP and have reinstalled all drivers. Nada. So, coincidental as it seems, I think something I did fried the USB interface. The rest seems stable enough. I did discover that the front USB ports have parted […]