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Easy Fix (for once)

Our landline phone died Monday…right after we returned the old modem. Of course. We had internet, but no phone. The phone light on the modem was flashing. Since we’d physically changed nothing in the wiring, I tried doing a power-restart on the modem. Nope. So…tried plugging phones directly into the modem rather than going to […]

ComCast strikes again...

Several weeks ago, I got a notice from ComCast that my modem was out of date and they’d send me a new one for no additional charge if I’d just go online and order it. Great! Yippeee! I love new toys.

Well…I went to the page and typically it wasn’t clear what or how I […]

Router and computer questions

First off, we need a new router. We’ve always used Linksys, but this last one has never performed up to hype. Our Tivo hasn’t gotten a 5GHz since the first few months. (I forgot its little reception light was supposed to be blue not green. It was blue early on, but when I got to […]

I committed laptop….

Last night after battling the HP site for an hour trying to find a simple customer service email, two very frustrated emails to the “CEO” (yeah, like that’s going to actually be delivered), three calls to their robot, who transferred me to dead lines (not even bad muzac to keep me awake) I finally got […]

I don’t know what I do…

to laptops…but I seem to have killed another.

Blue screens…two just today. Says hardware error, but of course NOTHING to indicate what hardware. I’ve checked all my drivers…all UTD.

If I had to guess, I’d say keyboard/touchpad since that interface has been getting a bit wonky. I thought it was just, like, crumbs under the […]

Oi…wotta day…

I got up way early, hoping to finish Chernevog edits…went to a site I’ve been to a million times before…and found out the hard way that Avast Antivirus does nothing for spyware. Don’t know how I’ve avoided them for twenty years, but I got zapped good this morning with a nasty little thing call Win7 […]

Take seven minutes…

to celebrate the amazingness of modern technology and cleverness of humanity in general….

Am I crazy….

Or did all USB cables once have identical ends? And since they all used to be that way, I should have a dozen around the house now, the way I still have serial and parallel cords all neatly coiled and packed away in the basement, right?



Mass Extinction in the Pub!

I’m very sorry if I zapped legitimate members, but I’m trying to clean up the ranks. Considering the problems I’ve been having, I’d say it’s about time, no? Anyway, I’m going after “suspicious” emails and user names, but suspicious is sort of in the eye of the beholder, no? so if I take you out […]

Sparkleplenty passed the acid test.

Stevie’s Sparkleplenty, my new computer, runs Might and Magic 6! (And the crowd goes wild.) This insidious little computer game is the game that finally yanked me, kicking and screaming, into the world of computer games. None of the versions before or after have what it has, and I think I’ve played about a million […]