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NaM: goin’ fishin’

Thursday morning. Time to bail again. This time, the Main Tank.

Actually, because of the rug, and with two of us to shuffle buckets, we siphoned the water off into buckets, removing specimens as we took the level down, and putting them into the buckets. At this point, catching the tang was relatively simple, but […]


Wah! I lost a post. I’d written this, I know I had, and when I brought it up, there was only:

Wednesday. Aquatic Dreams day.

That’ll teach me to try and work ahead. Of course, had I remembered to post some time in the last several days, I’d have discovered this sooner. My only excuse […]

Ah, yes…Hiro-san…

My darling little fish, for whom I’d gone to so much trouble…was MIA.


NaM…Day Four


I have an appointment to meet Sharon and Joan for my first ever manicure/pedicure. This wasn’t just an indulgence, but another Necessity: My fingernails were an absolute mess from all the stuff I’d been doing outside, and I thought I’d go check the place out, because someone I know has feet which could use […]

A quick addendum…

to yesterday’s post.

I forgot to mention…you see, even tho it was hard to see Sharon leave (but then, it’s always hard when one of your best friends ever leaves) it was, in the end, a Very Good Thing. Remember the title: Necessity’s a Mother. If she hadn’t left, we’d have done it the same […]

Necessity…part 3

Where was I? Oh, yes. I’d been deserted. Yes, deserted.

Oh, I don’t hold it against Sharon, not at all. There really wasn’t anything she could do, from her perspective. As she says, she thought it was just new pump time and nothing to be done until morning when we could get to the […]

Necessity’s a Mother…part 2

Quick recap: took Carolyn to the airport, spent first day with plants and Joan, second day, went to Aquatic Dreams to get the RODI filter checked. Got home and began running water, with the idea of doing the water change before Carolyn got home, so it would be one less thing on her mind. Maybe […]

Day two…

Of Carolyn’s absense was deceptively quiet. I got up very early, did some more in the back until ten thirty-ish, when I headed for our fish store (Aquatic Dreams) to get the RODI filter checked. This is the filter that strips everything out of tap water except for the H’s and O’s. Anyway, two of […]

Alarm Clocks…

I don’t trust them. Never have, never will. Does anyone else share that aversion? Seems like every time I count on one for something important, it fails to go off and when I want the thing to shut up, it refuses.

Now, I realize, this isn’t the fault of the machine, but of its programmer. […]

Necessity’s a Mother…

…of many things.

We all deal with loss of a loved one in our own way. Some of us go silent. Some talk about anything and everything other than the individual. Some pick fights because they’re angry and they don’t know why, and they just have to vent or explode. Some of us bury ourselves […]