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For those of you not on Facebook

(You lucky dogs) Here’s a cool link CJC shared:


And more pics of the tank:

The “life support” tank on LEDs is doing very well.

New Tank

Happy corals!

A priceless relationship captured with love

Thanks to my sis for sending me this link. It’s a slideshow of photos of a girl and her best friend, caught by her father, a professional photographer. The photos are wonderful, the relationship…well, just take a look.


Mentor Dilemma in a nutshell

This is brilliant. From my sister. It is the underlying social message in the ‘NetWalkers series. Plus…it’s fun!

Demonic Squirrel of Death!

Check this out:


I think I need to get the book. I took this into CJC’s room for a dramatic reading and herself and I laughed our socks off.

Thank you dhawk for the link!

The Reason to Watch Am's Got Talent

I REALLY want to see this guy’s concert.

Amazing what a bit of sand and a lightbulb can do. This guy gives me chills and makes me sniffle every time I see him.

The rest I can pretty much take or leave. Basically, I record and fast forward for about 15 minutes of […]

For the Pony Lovers!

Three amazing videos:

Vanye’s Heaven:

Sergei’s Baby:

Serious Hair Alert:

Have fun!

John Cleese strikes again…

Prepare to have sore sides: with many thanks to Tiffany for posting this on FB:


The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent events in Syria and have therefore raised their security level from “Miffed” to “Peeved.” Soon, though, security levels may […]

Adrenaline junquies: revised

UPDATE: I realized this AM I set up a bit of a situation by putting two very different video links in one post without clearly identifying them. I put the initial link in as a simple link because the youtube embeddable one didn’t do it justice. However, searching for the original led me to a […]

Who knew…

One woman was singlehandedly responsible, not just for the Tollhouse Chocolate Chip recipe, but Chocolate chips period!


Star Trek Aurora concludes!

For those of you who checked it out before (and for those who didn’t, you might try it now), Tim just posted the final ep of Star Trek Aurora. This is a fan-made (Tim does all the art but he has help with the voice actors) full length animated movie of a merchant-style story set […]