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Changing the way User Registration Works

Like CJC, I’m changing this to setting up an account personally. The spammers are just getting to be a pain in the pituzza. So…It’s gonna work like this. Send me an email at myfirstname@myfirstnamemylastname.com. Tell me in your own words that you’d like to comment/become a ‘NetWalker, send me the user name you’d like to […]

Galleries screwed

Update: I think I got them fixed! YAY!

My one complaint about NextGen, which is the plugin I use to try and control all these images, is that there’s no flipping documentation. I tried to do something that I thought would give each gallery it’s own page so people could comment on them and all […]

For those of you not on Facebook

(You lucky dogs) Here’s a cool link CJC shared:


And more pics of the tank:

The “life support” tank on LEDs is doing very well.

New Tank

Happy corals!

A priceless relationship captured with love

Thanks to my sis for sending me this link. It’s a slideshow of photos of a girl and her best friend, caught by her father, a professional photographer. The photos are wonderful, the relationship…well, just take a look.


Mentor Dilemma in a nutshell

This is brilliant. From my sister. It is the underlying social message in the ‘NetWalkers series. Plus…it’s fun!

Demonic Squirrel of Death!

Check this out:


I think I need to get the book. I took this into CJC’s room for a dramatic reading and herself and I laughed our socks off.

Thank you dhawk for the link!

Disappearing Gravatars

UPDATE: Found the culprit. Wordbooker! So…again, no echos of posts to FaceBook. I wish I could find a SIMpLE blog post/FB echo plugin. This one has way too many silly options for people who spend far more time on this stuff than I do.

I’m officially trying to figure out what happened. I did an […]

The Reason to Watch Am's Got Talent

I REALLY want to see this guy’s concert.

Amazing what a bit of sand and a lightbulb can do. This guy gives me chills and makes me sniffle every time I see him.

The rest I can pretty much take or leave. Basically, I record and fast forward for about 15 minutes of […]

For the Pony Lovers!

Three amazing videos:

Vanye’s Heaven:

Sergei’s Baby:

Serious Hair Alert:

Have fun!

Adding a page

I really want to do the pic of the day, thing, but it didn’t really work combining it with my regular blog, so I’ve given it a page of its own. We’ll see now if I can keep it up. The first is pretty fuzzy, but it was just too cute not to put up.