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Then why don't you take your kid elsewhere?

While we’re on the topic of Reality TV: Dance Moms…

Don’t know if anyone else watches this, but we’re kinda hooked. Mostly, I love the routines Abbey choreographs and seeing the kids develop. However, we also admit the soap opera is kind of mesmerizing. We keep wondering how long it will take for Abbey to […]

Live TV thoughts for spring 2014

American Idol: Best panel of judges ever. HCjr just gets better and better. He knows he’s there to both help and entertain, and entertain he does. The contestants for me are nothing to write home about, tho the remaining ones are all very interesting in their own way. They’re all good, but there’s not an […]

Changing the way User Registration Works

Like CJC, I’m changing this to setting up an account personally. The spammers are just getting to be a pain in the pituzza. So…It’s gonna work like this. Send me an email at myfirstname@myfirstnamemylastname.com. Tell me in your own words that you’d like to comment/become a ‘NetWalker, send me the user name you’d like to […]

The Future just keeps creeping in…

That day when the entire house is a computer is creeping up. Streaming the O’s while I work. How? Plugged the laptop into the TV via HDMI, made the TV an extended screen and put Firfox full screen on the TV, and WP fullscreen on the laptop. How wunnerful is dat?

I’m finding that the […]

If I Could Eliminate One Word

from my personal vocabulary, it would be hate.

Forget being careful about how I use the F-word, hate is far more insidious and (worse) socially acceptable four letter bombshell. No one calls you on it, but they will make assumptions about you when you use it. For me, it became, as a child, my personal […]

Easy Fix (for once)

Our landline phone died Monday…right after we returned the old modem. Of course. We had internet, but no phone. The phone light on the modem was flashing. Since we’d physically changed nothing in the wiring, I tried doing a power-restart on the modem. Nope. So…tried plugging phones directly into the modem rather than going to […]

ComCast strikes again...

Several weeks ago, I got a notice from ComCast that my modem was out of date and they’d send me a new one for no additional charge if I’d just go online and order it. Great! Yippeee! I love new toys.

Well…I went to the page and typically it wasn’t clear what or how I […]

Router and computer questions

First off, we need a new router. We’ve always used Linksys, but this last one has never performed up to hype. Our Tivo hasn’t gotten a 5GHz since the first few months. (I forgot its little reception light was supposed to be blue not green. It was blue early on, but when I got to […]

I know most of you have more class

But, yeah…I do watch AGT for the handful of gems. I record it then watch with a trigger-happy fast forward finger. And WOW did they have a gem last night. This has everything: extreme talent, extreme creativity, extreme eye candy…and best of all extreme humor. Check it out:

Meantime…my fellow dance lovers…What do you […]

Galleries screwed

Update: I think I got them fixed! YAY!

My one complaint about NextGen, which is the plugin I use to try and control all these images, is that there’s no flipping documentation. I tried to do something that I thought would give each gallery it’s own page so people could comment on them and all […]