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Pooki’s outfit has been disqualified! No problemo! I just interpreted the rules differently than the judges did. Pooki, however, had a different reaction.


OK, everyone. I’m trying, OK? 😀 Doll patterns that I have so far are scattered around. I’m NOT organized, in case anyone’s failed to grasp that basic reality. Here are the two galleries that contain stuff.

Please keep in mind. These aren’t complete. There are no instructions. They’re basically guidelines for people who know what […]

Time for a new post! Wii-Pollo has a finished piece!

Between writing, weeding and Apollo, I’m not getting much else done! But the Theme Madness thread on DoA is doing lingerie, so Wiishu had to add his two cents

Homecoming Games has reached one of those annoying scenes where a secondary character needs an excuse to be where they are without the excuse becoming […]

The new PR challenge is up!

The Gods of Mount Olympus.

Vanye refused to wear the skimpy costume, Morgaine glared…Pooki scorned the lack of swords to flourish…Wiishu leaped for Apollo. (He refused Eros. Said he already did that for New Years. Uh..OK.) CJC and I got to giggling over the possibilities and came up with this for a 21st C Apollo. […]

PR Sneak Peak

I’ve got the essentials done for Wiishu’s Project Runway outfit. I probably won’t do any more on it since this weekend was my window, and the deadline is the end of the month. But I think it turned out pretty cute.

Making Wiishu Patterns

I’ve discovered a very fun way to draft patterns.

First: salient measurements: in addition to those in his official chart, I needed these. I want to maximize his ability to move and minimize bulk under the coat so I want the waistband to fit above the hip joint, right into the solid central torso. The […]