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Disturbing and yet interesting

Every time I think the world is moving forward, every time I think there’s hope humanity will avoid the pitfalls of my future universe, something like this reminds me never to underestimate the evil, mean, bad and nasty side of human nature.


Sometimes researchers seem blind to the obvious…

Back in my college days, I had an Anthro class…I think it was art and archeology, or some such…that changed teachers at the last minute. The replacement prof was stuck with using a couple of books that had been on the “required” list for reasons she couldn’t fathom (frankly, neither could I) and so she […]

Project Runway: Do the RIGHT THING

a) Give that arrogant SOB a public dressing down.

b) Give that poor woman a complete Michael Kors wardrobe!

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, PR did its “real client” show this week and big boy Vin, who has admittedly been one of the more impressive (and definitely the most self-important) […]

Leave God out of it....

I have tremendous respect for religion of all kinds. It serves a vital psychological function in a healthy society. I have my own, quite strong, spiritual beliefs. However despite what all the endless God=patriot forwards circulating the email waves would have us believe, (not to mention Mitt’s newest idiocy (Romney said recently that the Founders […]

It wouldn’t be the Olympics without a judging controversy

What’s this nonsense about only two from a country moving on to the indi-all-around in gymnastics?!? That’s nuts. Individual all-around has nothing to do with country. It’s the top all around gymnasts in the world, period.

While I’m at it, I’m going to get controversial for a minute about the whole idea of team competitions. […]

Intuit Drives Me Crazy Once Again

I dread being reduced to calling for customer service anymore. All too often, the powers-that-be of a company are putting pressure on their service people to hard-sell either new products or service I don’t want. Case in point:

We’re upgrading the office machine to Win7 via my old laptop that just got back from HP […]

Get a clue, Amazon!

Not to mention the toy makers…and parents!

Okay…I don’t usually rant about stuff like this, tho I actually have a potentially controversial rant on the male/female issue percolating in my hind brain, but Amazon superseded that rant with one that ticks me off a whole lot more.

Just got a link for the “what’s hot […]

As the book industry teeters…

The folks who must be sweating it even more than the authors are the cover artists, because while the authors can self-pub on Amazon, few will be able to afford to hire a cover artist for an original work.

I’ve felt for some time now that I wasn’t happy with the covers I was doing […]