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Disturbing trends in the name of equality

Several years ago, my agent talked me into reading a book by one of his other clients. This was, he claimed, the next best-selling phenomenon and he wanted me to write just like this author. (For those of you who know the book of which I speak, let’s not name names, OK? It’s irrelevant to […]

Those Sappy Christmas Movies

Yes, I confess, Hallmark makes them just for me. Altho I admit, I prefer the funny ones. I write such long, involved, angsty stuff, it’s nice to just sit back once in a while and watch something simple and predictable. I record them all and delete about half as unwatchable, but I do enjoy a […]

And how was your May Day?

Sobering new statistic on global warming:


Darn it world, wake up and get out of denial!

Fortunately, my next email was from my sis and contained this gem. The intro is a bit lengthy, but the rest is worth it!

It's not the money...it's winning the game....

There’s a fascinating show on H2 right now called “The Men Who Built America”. It’s the story of the men whose (Donny Deutch describes it perfect) lust for power, for fame, for money…moved the world forward in the last 150 years. We’re talking the railroads and coal and petroleum, and tonight…electricity. It’s about the “unregulated […]

Credit where it's due

Once again, I’m probably the last to hear about this, but for those of you as ignorant as I, I pass on this long overdue acknowledgement to a woman whose contribution to our modern technology is possibly the only contribution more under-appreciated than Nicolai Tesla’s.

I’m speaking of Hedy Lamarr and her contribution to modern […]

When are we going to fight back against the language bigots?

Yeah…time for a good old-fashioned rant.

I’m so tired of looking for “just the right word” only to come up against one more way in which evil bad mean and nasty bigots have corrupted the use of a perfectly good word.

Obvious case in point: gay, fairy, queer. These are really good, useful words…and they’ve […]

This One Might Matter

I don’t want to speak too soon, but it’s possible that we’re onto something.

Like a lot of people, I suffer (BADLY) from the Deadly Morning Munchies. No matter what I have for breakfast, half and hour later, I’m looking for something to put in my mouth. This rebound has been no small part of […]

Fox strikes again…

The champions of over-reaction and scare tactics where it comes to anything Obama have struck again. This time on E-15 Gasoline […]

How wonderful would it be….

If one young woman’s courage rallied the entire world against the Taliban.

Ah…the things that have happened while my nose was to the grindstone. This is probably old news to you all, but Malala Yousafzai’s story is pretty damned impressive. And yet more evidence of the power of the internet.

Should Bolt be euthenized?

Yet another viral internet-cause:

Bolt is a very lovely 31/2 year old malamute in danger of being euthenized because he “mauled” a woman’s face.