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Timely Tank Woes…not!

When we upgraded the salt water tank, we moved the old one and made it freshwater. Now understand, it’s got holes in the bottom of the tank for plumbing for a gravity-driven overflow/pump. So, we’ve had a little ten gallon tank underneath for a “sump” for filtration and a pump. This worked fine, we found […]

Freshwater Tank

We decided to go ahead and clean up the old marine tank and get it set up for freshwater. Like the marine tanks, freshwater has undergone enormous chemistry advances. They now have a great nutrient-and bacteria-rich “bedding” for plants, not to mention LED lights in the proper spectrum for plants, so you can set up […]

Da Tank

Okay. Daylight shots. And one from today after we did a final slight rearrangement of corals

Transfer complete!

Lots of photos for you. We got our cleaning crew in yesterday and today, the final batch of live rock came in and The Great Transfer began. Getting both the height and the airiness we wanted proved a bit of a challenge, but I think we’re both happy with the final arrangement. We had a […]

Tank update

Since we’re about to actively start moving water and critturs, I figured I’d better bring you up do date with the activities thus far. I’ll be adding to this album later today, so check back…

Today’s operations actually went pretty fast and smoothly. One run after a plumbing part, another after the pump and light […]

New Tank Adventures: Day 2

One pic pretty much sums it up.

Scrape scrape scrape. Wipe and scrape some more. There’s some kind of film all over the face. We thought a simple wipe down with vinegar would take it right off. Wrong. It isn’t sticky and it’s not thick or brittle. It just ignored water, vinegar, and alcohol. […]

New Fish Tank Adventure: Day One

Volunteers rule! Thanks you three. You saved our lives.

Off for a busy day. More later, but here are the first pics. Lousy job of documenting: I was too busy holding the door. Such a hard job!

NaM: goin’ fishin’

Thursday morning. Time to bail again. This time, the Main Tank.

Actually, because of the rug, and with two of us to shuffle buckets, we siphoned the water off into buckets, removing specimens as we took the level down, and putting them into the buckets. At this point, catching the tang was relatively simple, but […]


Wah! I lost a post. I’d written this, I know I had, and when I brought it up, there was only:

Wednesday. Aquatic Dreams day.

That’ll teach me to try and work ahead. Of course, had I remembered to post some time in the last several days, I’d have discovered this sooner. My only excuse […]

Ah, yes…Hiro-san…

My darling little fish, for whom I’d gone to so much trouble…was MIA.