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Silly question for the day…

Does anyone else have a pet that just smells good? (Spouses don’t count. They’re supposed to “smell right.”)

I’ve had three wonderful cats, Effy, Elrond and Efanor. Loved the first two dearly, and Rondo was, IMO, the Most Amazing Cat Ever, but I was never conscious of their smell. But then, they never parked in […]

Arbor day …

…at the Fancher/Cherryh pond.

6:30 this AM I was out in the garage working on the arch….


Cars and a Mural update

Been a strange day. Got a late start on the mural…7am instead of 6am. I could not get to sleep last night. Couldn’t figure out why until I saw which bottle of Pepsi had been opened last night. Carolyn made me a C&L with the supercharged Diet Pepsi. Serious caffeine hit.

Anyway, 8:30 roles around […]


AM or PM, it’s the magic hour…for painting murals. There’s light without glare, and the temperature is pleasant. You can get at least two or three hours in before it gets either too light or too dark to work…although I’m thinking about moving the spotlight out to work a bit later in the evening.


Current state of the mural

This morning:

This afternoon:

Yes, it’s less. I decided I didn’t like the central mountain, so I erased it. As soon as it cools off this evening, I’m going out to start rebuilding it.

Something weird is going on with WordPress again. It’s posting images just fine but claiming non-existent […]

I have been remiss…

Actually, I’ve been tired! Still am. But I owe you all, so I’m going to post something…mostly pictures with captions.

We’ve begun the mural. I thought Carolyn would have said something, but I guess she’s left it up to me.


This ‘n’ that…

The garage. We found a really pretty base tone. It’s called Pocahontas. Kind of a soft mauve, but a bit browned as well, so it’s not really pink or purple. I think it’ll make a nice base tone for our mural.

The spray painter was an absolute godsend (thank you Carolyn.) We were able to […]