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ItRoses and more!

Just a bunch of pix…


With all due respect to horses and turtles for whom they are just the most wonderful de-LI-ca-cy…surely there’s SOMETHING less objectionable in the ecosystem that can replace them!

I just hauled CJC out on a walk to try and sort out a transition problem in the book. Sometimes just talking about it helps you sort […]

Mood: frustrated

I’ve never worked so long and so hard and spent so much money for a result I’m so unhappy with.

Sigh…The good news is, we got the front storm door put back together and hung. The bad news is, I lost the proper bolts for the handle and the black enamel refused to cure and […]

I’ve been remiss…

With the pictures and find myself with an embarrassment of riches.

We took another chiropractic trip down to Pullman today taking both the kids. It was their first longish road trip together and I’m delighted to report, they were model children. In fact, they were incredibly cute…both of them. I’ve been trying to get pix […]

Gee, I thought it would look more different…

Cleaned up the leg of the yard behind the garage today, lots of moving weedcloth to get at weeds (because there wasn’t any mulch on the cloth, putting up the little retaining wall for our (eventual) headwater for our (eventual) stream, and just general weeding and picking up and throwing out the accumulated Stuff. I […]

Catching up

Busy couple of days. Making progress on the front. Have established the end of the streambed and moved a lot more rock. “Set” the bridge in front and began the third island on the west side of the walkway. Still way short on border rock but trying to use what I’ve got in a way […]

The front bridge.

I’ve written a review of it here which explains in the roundabout fashion some of the adventures we had putting it together. What I fail to mention is that the 4star rating is for joe public. As far as I’m concerned, the challenges of putting it together would make it a six star!

Well, gee….they […]

Sometimes God’s ways…

…are not the least bit mysterious.

The crew from the First Methodist Church across the way showed up this AM at 10:30 and in the next couple of hours got all my work for the next several months DONE and done beautifully. I cannot say enough about their generosity, their cheerfulness…and their darling kids. Yes, […]

Spring Flowers

This on again off again spring has been hard on some of the plants. The dogwood and the weeping cherry didn’t do much of anything, but the magnolia, hawthorne and tree peonies have come through nicely. And our front yard is starting to take shape. Some pix for your amusement:

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Mornings are tough…

They were the designated cuddle time for Efanor and me. This morning was really bad. Two weeks ago was the last “normal” cuddle before I took him to the vet and got the news. I…kinda lost it. Little Mr Eushu was so sweet. He came over and purred and soft-paw patted my face…then, when he […]