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Lotus Morning

Score? I have no idea where he’s getting this stuff…

ItRoses and more!

Just a bunch of pix…

Two Fer!

Garden Tour: I’ve been asked for this. Hope it does the trick and helps establish where all the closeups have come from.

Wedding Cake: Wiishu presents our beautiful cake (and it tasted even better. YUM!)

More as I get pics from those who were actually wielding cameras! 😀

Panows! Panows! Panows!

D'Day Has Comeded!



With all due respect to horses and turtles for whom they are just the most wonderful de-LI-ca-cy…surely there’s SOMETHING less objectionable in the ecosystem that can replace them!

I just hauled CJC out on a walk to try and sort out a transition problem in the book. Sometimes just talking about it helps you sort […]

Timely Tank Woes…not!

When we upgraded the salt water tank, we moved the old one and made it freshwater. Now understand, it’s got holes in the bottom of the tank for plumbing for a gravity-driven overflow/pump. So, we’ve had a little ten gallon tank underneath for a “sump” for filtration and a pump. This worked fine, we found […]

Tink gets color! and Musical Trees

Once I finished the covers, I began (finally) working on Tinkerboutit’s faceup and blush…in between some necessary garden work…more on that later. He’s far from done, but I’m pretty happy with the early results. There will, of course, be a (n extensive) slideshow with our resident soap opera queen house ef, but for now, suffice […]

Freshwater Tank

We decided to go ahead and clean up the old marine tank and get it set up for freshwater. Like the marine tanks, freshwater has undergone enormous chemistry advances. They now have a great nutrient-and bacteria-rich “bedding” for plants, not to mention LED lights in the proper spectrum for plants, so you can set up […]

Da Tank

Okay. Daylight shots. And one from today after we did a final slight rearrangement of corals