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Her furry grace: RIP

We’ll miss you…

Mornings are tough…

They were the designated cuddle time for Efanor and me. This morning was really bad. Two weeks ago was the last “normal” cuddle before I took him to the vet and got the news. I…kinda lost it. Little Mr Eushu was so sweet. He came over and purred and soft-paw patted my face…then, when he […]

The Hard Part Begins

Ysabel is searching for him. She smells him all over the house, no way not, but he’s not here. She calls and there’s no answer.

Ysabel and Efanor have an interesting relationship. They were never what you’d call warm and cuddly with each other, though occasionally we’d catch them sleeping within touching distance. When we […]

Efanor has joined Elrond, Effy, and Khym…

And I’m completely at peace with it.

This might well be more information than most people want, but for someone facing this situation for the first time, my experience today might be helpful.

I thought this AM that he was gone. His breathing was that shallow. But when I turned on the light, he rallied […]

Efanor is home from the Doc’s

And doing fine, as you can see from the pics I just took. For how long remains to be seen.

Basically, his bone marrow has ceased to function. All his blood counts are tanked. It’s not FIV or AIDS, thank goodness, which pretty much leaves cancer. He’s had a steroid shot and we’ll keep our […]

Silly question for the day…

Does anyone else have a pet that just smells good? (Spouses don’t count. They’re supposed to “smell right.”)

I’ve had three wonderful cats, Effy, Elrond and Efanor. Loved the first two dearly, and Rondo was, IMO, the Most Amazing Cat Ever, but I was never conscious of their smell. But then, they never parked in […]

My darling child…

Has a new trick.

I have one of those light alarm clocks that wakes you up with light and nature sounds. Not that I use it much. But handy little Efanor, when he wants attention, plays with the things at the head of my bed. Patting things, batting them onto the floor…most cat people know […]

Ysabel sends an email…

Taking a quick break from covers to share another case of necessity mothering invention. In order to fix the kitties’ water fountain, I had to order some parts from the company, Vet Ventures.com. The order contained an offer for free filters for a year for good stories about how the fountain has affected our lives. […]

Clever…write an update…

…and forget to post. Better late than never.

Happy 4th, everyone! (erp…late)

Got a couple of pretty pix for you today.


Depression is…

Taking the plunge to rip into your laptop without anything resembling a manual, getting it back together with no extraneous parts… and discovering it didn’t change a thing.