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Yes! a new ShuShi Show!

We just got back from AKON … which means the kittehs had their first true road trip! And they were little champs. In the car, Shu was either shupervising or snoring under one of the seats. Seishi surprised us by choosing to watch the world go by while snoozing on […]


Another pic of the day!

Didn’t get the taxes done…but I’m up to 43,710 words!

HG moving along…

Tho actually there was a bit of a backslide in actual word count. I’d gotten up to 40,000…which I read to Carolyn…only to realize there was a whole section of dinner that just didn’t need to be there, so I zapped it . . . which set it back to 38,000, but that’s okay, since […]

Just a little ShuShi fix!

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Mood: frustrated

I’ve never worked so long and so hard and spent so much money for a result I’m so unhappy with.

Sigh…The good news is, we got the front storm door put back together and hung. The bad news is, I lost the proper bolts for the handle and the black enamel refused to cure and […]

Bad Shu!

These are pix from the before-Seishi days that I never got up. We have Shu with his big box, Shu with his plushie and Shu being very bad and getting up on the counter after the bikur. (I hate to admit…he gets up there all the time now to help when I’m washing dishes. It […]

Auntie Jane gets quality Seishi time

I’m so far behind….I’m working on repainting the windows on the back of the house. This needed doing years before we moved in, and we’ve been here three years…or is it four? Anyway, it’s taking way longer than I expected (what home repair job doesn’t?) but the tracks are actually clean and the poor pealing […]

Seishi’s first official visitor!

OSG dropped in this afternoon and Seishi waltzed right out…okay, he checked her out from behind the fishtank first, but then he came and said hello like the little gent he is! We’re really very pleased. Both Ysabel and Efanor were chancy around visitors—Ysabel had a tendency to bite when pressed and Efanor just disappeared. […]

Seishi in the house: Second Slideshow

Sorry. Haven’t been doing my job. Kinda out of it right now. Busy cleaning up loose ends and fixing things. This time, it was backup power units and the screen door lock. But that’s not very interesting. The news is Seishi.

Seishi is an absolute doll and settling into the household very nicely. We don’t […]

Seishi joins the household

Well, we did it. We took off for Montana and got ShuShu a toy. And he’s gorgeous. He’s also very quiet and shy right now. He’s a little over a year old and never been “off the farm.” But he spoke to Carolyn across the internet and I seriously think he was meant to come […]