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Filter is in the house!

OK…don’t remember what I’ve said where, but the sump under the freshwater tank caused a major spillage the other day and we finally took the hint and ordered an under the tank filter. Why we didn’t do this before…in a freshwater tank, it’s perfectly sensible. Well…it arrived last night and (typically) the outflow of the […]

New Fish Tank Adventure: Day One

Volunteers rule! Thanks you three. You saved our lives.

Off for a busy day. More later, but here are the first pics. Lousy job of documenting: I was too busy holding the door. Such a hard job!

Banichi and Jago return to the Pond!

New Fishies!

Update: I’ve added a few pics of the larger fish so you can see the relative sizes.

Carolyn made the mistake a couple of weeks ago about saying we needed Stevie and Wesley fishes. Now, we had one that I thought was really more of a Wesley than a Yoroichi, brilliant orange-gold and black. but […]

Carolyn's Beautiful Water...

…with fishes.

All Carolyn’s hard work has paid off! She’s tried so many different things to get the pond clear and she’s finally found the answer. Interpet’s Pond Balance and MicrobeLift Sludge Remover. Interpet is a British company. But pictures, as they say, so…here: Clear water…complete with fishes, reflections…and a little feathered visitor.

July 3rd, 2012 | Category: Fishies, Garden SS, The Pond | 7 comments

#1 place you don’t want to see a Bald Eagle:

Flying up from your backyard pond.

I’m just sick. Our fish have been freaked for days, hovering down at the deep end. Not coming up to eat…We thought it was water chemistry. Have been doing water changes and all kinds of things…Today, I was working away in my room, caught a glimpse of something out […]

Guess what we found today?

Itty-bitty baby bichirs! I have been looking for one of these for fifteen years, ever since I lost mine to a desire to go walkabout in the office down in OKC. These are fresh water lung fish, sometimes called eels, but I don’t know that they actually are. Eels, that is. Fact is, I don’t […]

Ah, yes…Hiro-san…

My darling little fish, for whom I’d gone to so much trouble…was MIA.


NaM…Day Four


I have an appointment to meet Sharon and Joan for my first ever manicure/pedicure. This wasn’t just an indulgence, but another Necessity: My fingernails were an absolute mess from all the stuff I’d been doing outside, and I thought I’d go check the place out, because someone I know has feet which could use […]

A quick addendum…

to yesterday’s post.

I forgot to mention…you see, even tho it was hard to see Sharon leave (but then, it’s always hard when one of your best friends ever leaves) it was, in the end, a Very Good Thing. Remember the title: Necessity’s a Mother. If she hadn’t left, we’d have done it the same […]