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Eushu is definitely going to help Pook take over the universe….

So…last night we’re playing GuildWars2. We’ve got the phone on speaker with Lynn, we’re bashing some high level critturs, avoiding death by the slightest breath…

And this noise starts down near the floor behind my chair.

Now…I keep kitty treats for when the boys are being particularly cute…or when Shu has parked on my legs […]


Yes! a new ShuShi Show!

We just got back from AKON … which means the kittehs had their first true road trip! And they were little champs. In the car, Shu was either shupervising or snoring under one of the seats. Seishi surprised us by choosing to watch the world go by while snoozing on […]

Shu's new Anti-Meatloaf Device

I apologize for the quality. My camera doesn’t do very good video to begin with, and it was running out of juice. But there’s only one first time, so this is as good as we’ve got! Still…pretty cute!


Another pic of the day!

Didn’t get the taxes done…but I’m up to 43,710 words!

HG moving along…

Tho actually there was a bit of a backslide in actual word count. I’d gotten up to 40,000…which I read to Carolyn…only to realize there was a whole section of dinner that just didn’t need to be there, so I zapped it . . . which set it back to 38,000, but that’s okay, since […]

Just a little ShuShi fix!

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New Page!

Oh, what a fun day! I just put together a page of Shu’s slideshows. Check out the page “Shu Shows”

Suuper Shuupervizer: Part One

There is one absolute in this household: Humans can’t do anything right unless Shuu is there to direct . . . everything. This is only the tip of the iceberg. If I had a camera in my eyeball, I could have gotten a string like this…and a whole lot better ones, in a single day. […]

Proof my child will eat anything

This . . . is a piece of broccoli. He ate the whole thing…and went after more.

And lest you be having Shu-withdrawal…a small comparison:

I know…it’s a different laptop (I’m trying to keep him off the dying keyboard!) but you get the idea. :biggrin:


Carolyn’s turning my Shu into a blimp!

Film at eleven…

I’ve tried so hard not to blimpify my kittyboy. I monitored all his eating, exercised the heck out of him…even beyond his own rapid-fire running, and despite all my efforts, he’s getting PHATT.

He was doing really good until this fall. He began running to the mud room and whipping past us […]