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April Fools from Kryta!

Everybody turned into bobble heads! Tooo funny! Stills can’t capture the magic. Hope someone “filmed” their characters. Don’t know how long it lasted. Just wish I’d not been so tired and gotten pics of all my characters as bobbles!

Have a great day, everyone!

Wiishu’s Diary: October 2, 2012

Dear Momma-D,

I got the package today, and Mom took lotsa pics of me openin’ it. (She does like her camera.) Thank you sooooooooo much! Mom’s laughin’ cuz she says she just emailed you about that place for buyin’ shoes! She says you read her mind. Can you do that Momma-D? That’s pretty cool. Anyway, […]

Wiishu's New Toy

I knew I’d saved this for a reason…

He’s also got a dreadnaught guitar! But it needs a strap before he can play it.

I got these probably fifteen years ago at a con. I intended them for Wesley, but he can’t play them. Wiishu can.

Wiishu's New Clothes

Dear Momma-D,

So much has been happening! Virshu got loose and ran all over Uncle David’s house, and we drove all over the world and I met pretty ladies, and now I’m home and it’s real big with lots of cool stuff! Mom’s taken lots and lots of pitures, but hasn’t been able to put […]

Wishu's Letter to MamaD: Day One

Dear Mama-D.

It’s been a whole day since I comed t’ live with Mom, and I know you’ll be worryin’, so I’m sending you some pitures to show you what a great time I’m having!

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Who was your favorite singer/band?

I’ve been fond of so many over the years, but I think my all time favorite of any genre has to be The Limelighters. Their’s was the sound that filled the house during that critical pre-teen patterning. Three very unique voices combined into a luscious three-part harmony that was so much more than any single […]

Another test passed!

Prince of Persia works on this machine! YAYAYAYAY I’d totally forgotten about it because Sands of Time didn’t work on the Toshi. It uses a weird backup thing that taxed the Toshi’s video card beyond its abilities. So…I did it without the backup…but it’s designed to use it and so it was hard to get […]

Sparkleplenty passed the acid test.

Stevie’s Sparkleplenty, my new computer, runs Might and Magic 6! (And the crowd goes wild.) This insidious little computer game is the game that finally yanked me, kicking and screaming, into the world of computer games. None of the versions before or after have what it has, and I think I’ve played about a million […]

I love my router!

Actually both of them. But this time, I’m talking wood, not computers.


On the ice today…

…For the first time since MisCon and the debilitating effects of the Cherryh plague. There are many things we could do while under those effects, but skating wasn’t one of them since it went straight for the inner ear! Not a good idea to don figure skates when the balance is shot!

My feet hurt, […]