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Oooo…as my mom used to say…

I’m bustin’ a gusset!

After retiring from United Airlines (at captain seniority #2!) my #2 (of 4) brother Ted took up a new career in musical theater. He always had a gorgeous voice (he used to mimic Mario Lanza so well you couldn’t tell the difference!) but once he began taking it seriously…look out! He’s […]

Her furry grace: RIP

We’ll miss you…

Necessity’s a Mother…

…of many things.

We all deal with loss of a loved one in our own way. Some of us go silent. Some talk about anything and everything other than the individual. Some pick fights because they’re angry and they don’t know why, and they just have to vent or explode. Some of us bury ourselves […]

Time for…

…a celebration of a life.

Most of you probably already know, Carolyn’s mom passed away yesterday afternoon. It was very quiet, very peaceful…she was ready and so were the family.

Carolyn’s parents, Lois and Basil, were both wonderful individuals. I loved them both dearly. They were private folk, as is Carolyn, but I sure they’re […]