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The Future just keeps creeping in…

That day when the entire house is a computer is creeping up. Streaming the O’s while I work. How? Plugged the laptop into the TV via HDMI, made the TV an extended screen and put Firfox full screen on the TV, and WP fullscreen on the laptop. How wunnerful is dat?

I’m finding that the […]

HomeComing Games Moves: Whining Over!

Yippeee! I’d still love feedback, but I never meant to make people to feel guilty. An odd side effect of either what I write or how I write is a real lack of feedback. My brain tells me, from the little I do get, that everything’s OK, but the gut remains unsure. It’s one reason […]

They are up!

All my hard work of the last decade is finally seeing the light of day. I hope you like them as much as I do. I’m too tired to do it right now, but in the next day or two I’ll try to put my thoughts together on why I’ve been so obsessed with this […]

The question that started it all

I bet you’re all thinking this is a post about books. Well…only in that I’m THIS CLOSE to having new books for CC. Let’s plan Saturday, August third for the “coming out” party. Meantime, I’m scrambling to get another PR outfit done, this time for Vanye. I was going to bow out due to lack […]

WildCards edit done!

Now it’s make a cover, the ebooks and onto Nexus! YAYAYAYAY

'NetWalkers is up on Amazon

Wish me luck. I’m worried about people reading the first part and thinking it’s, like, a romance. Not that there’s anything wrong with romance, just that people looking for a Romance style ending are not going to be happy….Ah, well. We shall see….

The links are:


Of Mentors and Mimetrons

If anyone’s inclined to […]

The Wesser Strikes Again

If there’s a way for him to get me, he’ll do it. Whether it’s shifting the head on an HDD or zapping a computer. He’s determined to maintain his badboy mystique. HOWEVER! I have succeeded in copyrighting ‘NetWalkers. His exposure is ensured! Hmmm…perhaps the internet itself s/b afraid….

There we were, innocently filling out government […]

‘NetWalkers will be up October 24!

I was waiting to hear from a friend who specializes in salvaging careers before taking the leap, but he’s been sick and really busy and I just don’t want to wait any longer, so…in honor of the day I first began writing the GroundTies Saga, it will be going up. For that day only, the […]

Lynn Abbey joins Kindle!

The Orion’s Children books are up! Go ye forth and leave glowing reviews!

(How y’all likin’ them new covers, eh?)



New Seeking North at last!!!!

Lynn has finally completed her novelette! YAY. Go ye forth and enjoy! Seeking North: Our Story Thus Far

For those of you new to the project, this is just us goofing off with characters in a world we’re making up as we go along. We have no idea what’s going to happen. Plan? What’s a […]