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Disappearing Gravatars

UPDATE: Found the culprit. Wordbooker! So…again, no echos of posts to FaceBook. I wish I could find a SIMpLE blog post/FB echo plugin. This one has way too many silly options for people who spend far more time on this stuff than I do.

I’m officially trying to figure out what happened. I did an […]

As always, I am amazed and humbled…

by the wonderful folks who enjoy reading my stories. Clever, witty, generous…you’re all those things and more.

We had a great sampling of those wonderful people at Shejicon this weekend, including one of the best behaved little junior-fen it’s ever been my pleasure to be around. I got no pictures—I was too busy having fun—but […]

Miscon: had a wonderful time…

…but feeling oh, so guilty. I fear Typhoid Mary and her minions may have infected the entire con.

Yes, for those who haven’t heard, CJ came down with some virus the day we left for the convention and spent pretty much the whole convention in the room, face down in the beandip. Now, this isn’t […]