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Miscon 2016

Hullo, evwybodies!


We gotsa slide show fo’ you. We went to Miscon dis year, bud jus’ t’say Hi to our fwens. We were jus ‘ there for a few hours, but I gots some pitchurs!

More soon! Wemember, we’s workin’ backwards, cuz we’re so far behind, we can’t find where to starts. […]

ShejiCon 2014!

Mom has been bery bery busy an’ has lots an’ lots ob pitchurs fwom d’last few months. She’s workin’ hard to catch up. So I’m givin’ you a Wiishu’s-eye view ob our recent little relaxacon here in Spokane.

Me an' my new fwen!

Mom’s busy wif all d’pitchurs fwom SpoCon, so I’m gettin’ t’do d’blog! Cool, huh? So much to talk about! My heads ez spinning. But I gots to shows you my FAVRITE! Dis iz Roget! He’s sooooo cool! An’ WEALLY smart! Him an’ me danced wot Mom called a pah de Twoses! Check out dese cool […]

Me an' my new Fwen

I gotsa new bes’ fwen! His name’s Todd an’ he paints WEEEELY good!


SpoCon Interview

We had a bery excitin’ weekend at SpoCon! Mom’s workin’ on da slideshows, but fo now, here’s my innervoo wif the SpoCons folks!

Mom wiow hab more pitchurs tomorrows!

How I Gotsted Inbited to SpoCon

By Wiishu

Check out my little celebrity!


And when we got back, he had a bunch of new wigs waiting for him!

The two on the bottom were the contenders for the Seiten Taisei and I think the spiked one is going to win, but I’m already planning an outfit to go with the pony tail one! The black one will […]

SoonerCon Sneak Peek

We’re habbing a wunnerfo time! Mama’s busy so I’m puttin’ sum ob my pitchurs up!

Mom wioh pud up sum mores soon!


Wiishu’s RadCon Weekend

Okay…only a couple of months late, but it was a full weekend! I expect this to keep you busy a while. 😀

We got the 55gallon tank cleaned and set up for freshwater. Still need to get the auto-topoff working, but the bikirs and pleco are ecstatic. The water’s still a bit milky, but I’ll […]

Dr Shu and Minime Invade the Green Room

Pookie an’ me gots t’go to Radcon dis weekend! We had a great time an’ met lotsa nice peoples. Mom will be postin’ lots more pitchurs real soon. Mom maded me wot she callded a protydype Dr Whoses costume, an’ Pookie gotsted new hairs an’ a hat jus’ like mine! We looksed berry […]