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Lotus Morning

Score? I have no idea where he’s getting this stuff…


I know you all been worried about Mom. She’s doin’ OK, bud I’m twyin’! Pwease forgive d’pitchurs. D’security camra wusn’t workin’ bery good…


Pooki’s outfit has been disqualified! No problemo! I just interpreted the rules differently than the judges did. Pooki, however, had a different reaction.

Check Out Pooki’s Dudses!

Pook’s ready for his Project Runway gig. He’s supposed to be a comic book villain with the superpower of telekinesis.

By day, he is a billionaire playboy, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne (being an equal opportunity universe exploiter.) At night, he transforms into a master thief. Banks, governments, collectors […]