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Got some more work done on the kids!

I couldn’t really get my lighting right and was having some focus problems…tired…but overall I think they’re coming along nicely.

Vanye's faceup begins!

Carolyn finished Deimos this weekend and we put his eyes in tonight. He is TOTALLY ADORABLE!

I spent most of today learning to airbrush on Tink and Phobos, but got a good start on Vanye. I didn’t have his wig along and got his eyebrows kind of red, but I can fix that with […]

New PR challenge is up

Dia de Muertos! Morgaine HAS to do it. Ideas, anyone? I know I want to do sugar skulls…

I’m debating making her a new faceplate out of sculpy and doing one of the fancy paint jobs on it. Oooo…..

I think she’s ready to blush

Modding Morgaine's Face

From a thread I’m doing on DoA:

My first eye-opening, first mod, first faceup…and doing it on a Fairyland Chic Line. Yup…I’m nuts. But hey, that’s never stopped me before. I haven’t documented the process, but people are asking me now, so I thought I’d collect what I have into one place. This is where […]

Morgaine's faceup begins

But first I have to mod the faceplate. My first faceup (I don’t really count Tink) and what do I do? an eye opening, shape modding on one of the tinier faceplates around.

I’m officially out of my mind.

This is what I did last night. Obviously, the goal is to get something approximating the […]

Fun with Black and White

One of the things I love about my new obsession is it’s driving me to experiment with art/photography in ways I’d never imagined. One of the challenges on DoA is black and white photos. So…I’m looking for photos that will make a strong B/W statement…and processing them in completely new ways. Some of these I’ve […]

Vanye is now a Musketeer!

Wonder which gate led them here?

Morgaine and Vanye's Arrival: Part Two

The rest of the story. It’s long, so get comfy!

Happy Turkey-day...from the Kids

The Grand Opening will take a while to put together, but I must introduce you to the Kids. The first pic is how they arrived…well, not the robes. Morgaine had dark purple eyes and Vanye dark grey. I’d already gotten pale grey for M and golden-brown for Vanye. I traded them out, then I swiped […]