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Yes! a new ShuShi Show!

We just got back from AKON … which means the kittehs had their first true road trip! And they were little champs. In the car, Shu was either shupervising or snoring under one of the seats. Seishi surprised us by choosing to watch the world go by while snoozing on […]

Kitteh huntin’

Note: All pix here available as puzzles! See Puzzles page (tab above)

As most of you reading this know, OSG went kitteh huntin’ last week and came home with some darling new babies. Carolyn and I were lucky enough to be asked along for moral support (but also to drive so OSG could commune with […]

OMG: thanks to Tad Williams I can share the following link:

Kitteh Covers:

A new twist on LoL Khats. This is just a taste… More here:

(Note to OSG: I need a picture of little Mr Grey…and what about the one you took through the cage door of the twins all curled up together, eh? I need slide show fodder!)


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Da ShuShu is home and nuttier than a fruitcake! Whatever painkiller they gave him has him feeling really good! Also, we paid a few $$ more for laser surgery and I think it was worth every cent.

My kitty boy is becoming an itty boy today. And if the language he used to […]

Seishi’s first official visitor!

OSG dropped in this afternoon and Seishi waltzed right out…okay, he checked her out from behind the fishtank first, but then he came and said hello like the little gent he is! We’re really very pleased. Both Ysabel and Efanor were chancy around visitors—Ysabel had a tendency to bite when pressed and Efanor just disappeared. […]

Seishi in the house: Second Slideshow

Sorry. Haven’t been doing my job. Kinda out of it right now. Busy cleaning up loose ends and fixing things. This time, it was backup power units and the screen door lock. But that’s not very interesting. The news is Seishi.

Seishi is an absolute doll and settling into the household very nicely. We don’t […]

Shu’s second Pullman roadtrip: part one

I took so many pix on this trip…and these are just the best ones….and only for the first half of the trip. Although tomorrow I’ll post some of the scenic ones as well. But these turned into a cute little narrative,


Day Two of Cuteness

Prepare yourself. And today, we go meet Dr Taylor. Oooooo….Road Trip!

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Update: He was a very good boy! The vet was very impressed at how healthy and spotlessly clean he was (kudos to his first human mama […]

The Name

Eushu. No great mystery.

As some of you know, I’ve written a bit of fanfiction for a wonderful anime/manga called Gravitation. It helped keep me sane while waiting for word from DAW on which book to edit first. There were several months when I just didn’t know which complex story line I’d have to boot […]

Eushu is in the house!

First things first: a slideshow. Prepare yourself for terminal cuteness! (keep checking back. Sharon is sending me MARVELOUS pix! I’m making her my official baby photographer!)

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Eushu came home yesterday. I didn’t want to say anything sooner […]