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Freshwater Tank

We decided to go ahead and clean up the old marine tank and get it set up for freshwater. Like the marine tanks, freshwater has undergone enormous chemistry advances. They now have a great nutrient-and bacteria-rich “bedding” for plants, not to mention LED lights in the proper spectrum for plants, so you can set up […]

'NetWalkers edit is DONE DONE DONE!

Sorry for the silence, everyone. This book has been so cursed. Every time I’ve tried to do an edit, something has come up that had to take precedence. I was determined it wasn’t going to happen this time, so since we got back from Dallas, I’ve just kept my head down and worked until it […]

Bathroom: the slideshow

Here ’tis. I think Carolyn’s kept you all up on the details.

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The little piece in the tub was actually one I added. It’s so small, the tiling guy just assumed we’d fill it in with grout, […]