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New Fishies!

Update: I’ve added a few pics of the larger fish so you can see the relative sizes.

Carolyn made the mistake a couple of weeks ago about saying we needed Stevie and Wesley fishes. Now, we had one that I thought was really more of a Wesley than a Yoroichi, brilliant orange-gold and black. but […]

Carolyn's Beautiful Water...

…with fishes.

All Carolyn’s hard work has paid off! She’s tried so many different things to get the pond clear and she’s finally found the answer. Interpet’s Pond Balance and MicrobeLift Sludge Remover. Interpet is a British company. But pictures, as they say, so…here: Clear water…complete with fishes, reflections…and a little feathered visitor.

July 3rd, 2012 | Category: Fishies, Garden SS, The Pond | 7 comments

'NetWalkers edit is DONE DONE DONE!

Sorry for the silence, everyone. This book has been so cursed. Every time I’ve tried to do an edit, something has come up that had to take precedence. I was determined it wasn’t going to happen this time, so since we got back from Dallas, I’ve just kept my head down and worked until it […]

Garden Angels 2012

Once again, God hasn’t been the least bit mysterious. The darling folks from the Methodist Church flocked over and worked more magic on our front yard. We must have had 15 or 20 people here! I didn’t get any good pix of the whole crew, darnit! They were moving so fast, I couldn’t catch them. […]


Our beautiful, desperately in need of a haircut, hawthorne.

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Tree Peonies

The long overdue slideshow. You wants peonies, we gots peonies! And this is just the beginning. We’ve got two tree peonies we just put in last year which might not flower but are doing well (just realized no pix of those) and at least six regular peony … shrubs? just waiting to burst.

May 21st, 2012 | Category: Garden SS, The Pond | 13 comments

New Seattle Treasure Found

Decades in the making, but finally coming to fruition: The Seattle Chinese Garden is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the city.

Visited bro Chip in Seattle this last weekend to cheer the M’s on to another loss (we love you guys anyway!) and looking for something to do on Saturday. Carolyn looked up […]

Sometimes God’s ways…

…are not the least bit mysterious.

The crew from the First Methodist Church across the way showed up this AM at 10:30 and in the next couple of hours got all my work for the next several months DONE and done beautifully. I cannot say enough about their generosity, their cheerfulness…and their darling kids. Yes, […]

We Gots a Bridge!

Well, at least the skeleton of one.

I had an admittedly rare stroke of brilliance and put the two 12′ long 2×4’s across the pond as skids. Then, we assembled the basic structure in the garage, marched it out pondside. I put my end onto the two boards, then went to the far side of […]

Spring Flowers

This on again off again spring has been hard on some of the plants. The dogwood and the weeping cherry didn’t do much of anything, but the magnolia, hawthorne and tree peonies have come through nicely. And our front yard is starting to take shape. Some pix for your amusement:

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