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ItRoses and more!

Just a bunch of pix…

Back to Work

Which includes upgrading NextGen gallery. And they STILL haven’t fixed the “go to gallery” after upload option! Grrrrr. But Wiishu has a new story to share.

Panows! Panows! Panows!


Oh Woe is Fence!

Wiishu and Pooki have a meltdown…well…Wiishu does.


The Great Fence Project Begins!

HomeComing Games Moves: Whining Over!

Yippeee! I’d still love feedback, but I never meant to make people to feel guilty. An odd side effect of either what I write or how I write is a real lack of feedback. My brain tells me, from the little I do get, that everything’s OK, but the gut remains unsure. It’s one reason […]

More flower pics

I really don’t have time to do all the planned stories, so I’ve just added some of Wiishu’s and Pook’s flower pix to the May Flowers group. Enjoy!

Tink gets color! and Musical Trees

Once I finished the covers, I began (finally) working on Tinkerboutit’s faceup and blush…in between some necessary garden work…more on that later. He’s far from done, but I’m pretty happy with the early results. There will, of course, be a (n extensive) slideshow with our resident soap opera queen house ef, but for now, suffice […]

May garden pics

Relax and enjoy (I should add a sound file of the waterfall and birds…)