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Proof my child will eat anything

This . . . is a piece of broccoli. He ate the whole thing…and went after more.

And lest you be having Shu-withdrawal…a small comparison:

I know…it’s a different laptop (I’m trying to keep him off the dying keyboard!) but you get the idea. :biggrin:


leak check….


Mural grouted—check.

Paint touchups—check.

Towel bars, shelves—check.

TP dispenser leveled—check.

Curtain hung—check.

Hey…we’re almost done!

We now have a working sink, a working shower…I can get back to my real work!

We’ve still got a few things to finish up…most significantly the edge of the counter and the quarter-round baseboard, which will be pretty […]

I’ve been remiss…

With the pictures and find myself with an embarrassment of riches.

We took another chiropractic trip down to Pullman today taking both the kids. It was their first longish road trip together and I’m delighted to report, they were model children. In fact, they were incredibly cute…both of them. I’ve been trying to get pix […]

Big Bridge Done!

Well, give or take the screwholes and some touchup painting. But that doesn’t count! it’s done. We can walk across it! I wouldn’t advise a gorilla dancing on it, but to get to the other side and to be beauteous, it should work quite admirably! (Slideshow follows)


Online Comics: A New Toy!

One of my on-going round tuits is scanning all my original artwork. In the course of trying to update my Amazon listings, I thought putting up some of the interior shots of the Gate of Ivrel Graphic might be a good thing…which led to finally getting around to scanning the original pages of the graphic.


Snowy New Year

NaM…Day Four


I have an appointment to meet Sharon and Joan for my first ever manicure/pedicure. This wasn’t just an indulgence, but another Necessity: My fingernails were an absolute mess from all the stuff I’d been doing outside, and I thought I’d go check the place out, because someone I know has feet which could use […]

Real Time Update

Was going to get into the Real Story of the Fish Tank, but Real Life interfered…in a very nice way. We went to a local pond/fish outlet today looking for the snow viewing lantern we want and…they had platinum butterfly fins! We brought home a Maddy! Unfortunately, Carolyn started putting her in before I had […]

Alarm Clocks…

I don’t trust them. Never have, never will. Does anyone else share that aversion? Seems like every time I count on one for something important, it fails to go off and when I want the thing to shut up, it refuses.

Now, I realize, this isn’t the fault of the machine, but of its programmer. […]

The red-line Toshi has been replaced…

By a Hewlett Packard. And it’s sooooo cute! It was a quick ship and a much better deal than the same machine custom built. It’s a lot of machine for under $1000.00.