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I thought I’d add a page where we can talk about the books without spoiling things for those who haven’t read them yet. Feel free to ask questions about the books. I’ll even try to answer intelligently!

To start things off, I’d like to ask you what you’d like to see as interior illos.  I’d like to get my sketching hand back in action and this would be a fun way to do it. My books, obviously, but Carolyn’s, too. Just bits of business that you think would be fun to do and see and intrigue readers. For instance, Ring of Lightning…I’ve got to do JD and the Shepherdess by the sheep pond. And the Chicken Feathers Event is a must as well.


3 comments to Illustration Suggestions

  • I’ll start making a wish list….

  • Jane

    Hey, lady, how ya’ doin? I think, at this rate, I’m going to put together a “book of illows” or something. Gotta get the product on the shelves. But I think it w/b a fun thing…Make them so they can be used on screen savers, eh?

  • Wow, this is a “busy” thread……
    Jane, have a question for you. I have 3 of the graphic novels, the first one which is all in black and white, and then there are the color graphic novels, the first one starts with the explorers finding the stone written in 10th century Russian, and they lose one of their members to a Gate accident. The story then goes on to how the team was formed and then sent on through the Gates to seal them. On the page where the team is getting their instructions, page 6, the very last panel shows a couple standing together, the dialog is “and there can be no return…not for you…not for your children.” Now, the woman in that picture looks remarkably like Sharon, and then as I was progressing through the book, I noticed that Morgaine seems to bear a very close resemblance to Carolyn, except for the silver hair. Now, I’m wondering, did you use them as models? Actually, I think it would have been coincidental on the woman looking like Sharon, since this book was published in 1987…..so, who was the model for Vanye?

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