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Here’s where we discuss anything NeXuS/UpLink related. Ask anything. I’ll do my best to answer!

And if you’d like to leave a review up on Amazon, here’s a link!

6 comments to NeXuS

  • Hanneke

    I couldn’t wait, so I took the day off to read Nexus. I’ve been reading too fast for a well-balanced review-style reaction, but I think it’s a much more balanced book than the first version. Some of the too emotionally fraught scenes feel as if they’ve been toned down a bit, and made more fitting within the new character dynamics I feel. It feels right, now. I’ve still got puffy eyes from crying about them, and I’m not coherent enough yet to give any other reaction than that.
    I’ll read Coldfusion tomorrow, and do my homework on Sunday – I can’t stop now. A well-balanced and detailed reaction may have to wait ’till March when I can do a slow reread; this reading-at-a-sitting is all about feelings, for me.

  • You’re giving me the most important thing right now and that’s the notion that I’ve found the right balance for all the angst. I definitely wanted to make it more accessible without losing the emotional impact. Thanks so much!

    Also…I’m really sorry to screw up your homework, but I’m thrilled they’re calling to you! Big hugs!

  • sky_barnes

    Nexus review up on amazon. Check. Shorter than the one I left for WildCards, but I tried to stick mainly to this book alone.
    Another good night….

    • This is wonderful. Thanks so much. One thing I really appreciate is how you’re helping clarify the series as a whole. I did make a marketing faux pas in that I should just have split ‘NetWalkers. It’s just hard for me to think of it as two books, even tho it splits so smoothly right in the middle. Sometimes I wonder what I’m thinking….

  • sky_barnes

    So I am going to suggest one of the best things about ebooks is the ability to instantly revamp your marketing strategy. I have more to say on the topic, but just got home from work, and it’s my late/early transition day (most of us at the library have at least one of these a week to cover evening hours) – so chew on the concept of renumbering. Start with one, move forward every book. Rename consistently (pick one, 1, book 1, or book one). Anybody who has purchased via amazon will get updates pushed automatically. Redo the descriptions of the books (I have suggestions). Do an author profile that reflects your most fabulous self. You have the great, consistent, artwork for each book that joins one to the next, now you just need to do the same for the rest of the marketing package in the place that the most people will first encounter your books.

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