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I have had a request for the little guy’s vital statistics. Here they are:

 Wiishu (LTF, Littlefee, or Yo SD)  Pukisha (Pukipuki)
Height:  25 cm (9.84 in)
Head Circumference:  16.7 cm (6.57 in)
Neck Circumference:  6 cm (2.36 in)
Shoulder Width:  7 cm  (2.75 in)
Shoulder to Wrist:  7.8 cm (3.07 in)
Elbow to Wrist:  3.5 cm (1.38 in)
Back Length:  6.5 cm (2.56 in)
Chest Circumference:  13 cm (5.12 in)
Waist Circumference:  11.8 cm (4.65 in)
Hip Circumference:  14.5 cm (5.71 in)
Hip to Knee:  6.5 cm (2.56 in)
Knee to Ankle:  4.7 cm (1.85 in)
Inseam: 11 cm (4.25 in)
Ankle Circumference:  5 cm (1.97 in)
Feet Size:  3.8 cm (1.50 in)
Weight: 210 g (0.46 lbs)
Eye size: 14mm
Height (Cm/Inch) 11.2/4.40
Weight (g/lbs) 31/0.07
Head circumference (Cm/Inch) 10.0/3.93
Neck circumference (Cm/Inch) 2.9/1.14
Shoulder width (Cm/Inch) 2.5/0.98
Shoulder to wrist (Cm/Inch) 3.0/1.18
Elbow to wrist (Cm/Inch) 1.5/0.59
Length of back (Cm/Inch) 2.5/0.98
Chest circumference (Cm/Inch) 5.6/2.20
Waist circumference (Cm/Inch) 5.4/2.12
Hip circumference (Cm/Inch) 6.5/2.55
Hip to knee (Cm/Inch) 2.5/0.98
Knee to ankle (Cm/Inch) 2.2/0.86
Ankle circumference (Cm/Inch) 2.7/1.06
Feet size (Cm/Inch) 1.5/0.59
Hips (Cm/Inch) 7.5/3 (loose) (7/2.75)(absolute)
Inseam> (Cm/Inch) 4.5 (to floor)
Outer seam (Cm/Inch> 6/2.4 (waist to floor)
Back (nape to floor) (Cm/Inch) 8/3.15
Back (shoulder to shoulder) (Cm/Inch) 3/1.2
Eye size: 8mm


Morgaine (ChicLine Small Bust)
Vanye (ChicLine Muscular)
Height (Cm/Inch) 37.0/14.57
Weight (g/lbs) 338/0.74
Head circumference (Cm/Inch) 12.0/4.72
Neck circumference (Cm/Inch) 6.0/2.36
Shoulder width (Cm/Inch) 7.5/2.95
Shoulder to wrist (Cm/Inch) 12.0/4.72
Elbow to wrist (Cm/Inch) 5.5/2.17
Length of back (Cm/Inch) 6.5/2.56
Chest circumference (Cm/Inch) 16.0/6.30
Waist circumference (Cm/Inch) 11.0/4.33
Hip circumference (Cm/Inch) 17.5/6.89
Hip to knee (Cm/Inch) 9.0/3.54
Knee to ankle (Cm/Inch) 9.5/3.74
Ankle circumference (Cm/Inch) 4.3/1.69
Feet size (Cm/Inch) 4.3/1.69
Feet size (high-heel) (Cm/Inch) 4.1/1.61
Height (Cm/Inch) 40.0/15.75
Weight (g/lbs) 457/1.00
Head circumference (Cm/Inch) 12.0/4.72
Neck circumference (Cm/Inch) 6.7/2.64
Shoulder width (Cm/Inch) 8.2/3.23
Shoulder to wrist (Cm/Inch) 13.0/5.12
Elbow to wrist (Cm/Inch) 6.0/2.36
Length of back (Cm/Inch) 8.0/3.15
Chest circumference (Cm/Inch) 18.0/7.09
Waist circumference (Cm/Inch) 13.5/5.31
Hip circumference (Cm/Inch) 18.0/7.09
Hip to knee (Cm/Inch) 9.5/3.74
Knee to ankle (Cm/Inch) 10.0/3.94
Ankle circumference (Cm/Inch) 5.0/1.97
Feet size (Cm/Inch) 5.0/1.97

7 comments to Wiishu’s Diary 2012

  • Too cute!

    Need to get that movie sometime…

  • Avengers? It’s GREAT! Could so easily go over the top in quippiness, and it never does. I do recommend you see Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America first. Even with knowledge of the comics, there are some specific elements that will be much clearer if you’ve seen them. I hadn’t seen the Hulk…was never a big fan of the character…but this made me want to go find it….tho I suspect we see the most interesting segment of the character’s life in the Avengers.

  • Bri

    Avengers is wonderful :^) And Jane’s correct–be sure to see at least Iron Man 1, Thor and Captain America first. I’ve got Hulk as well (the one made just a couple of years ago–ignore the earlier version(s)). As a Hulk movie, it’s okay, but I think, though it *is* part of this sequence of movies, it doesn’t contribute anything to viewing Avengers. What makes Hulk great in Avengers is a combination of a terrific performance by Mark Ruffalo and Josh Whedon’s excellent insights. The actor in the Hulk movie is a different man, and the director’s concept of the Hulk isn’t nearly as good as Whedon’s. So that movie really doesn’t inform about the Hulk in Avengers.

    I’ve had Avengers in my blu ray player for a week now LOL! I’m lovin’ me that movie. If you have the blu ray version, I’d recommend watching the deleted and extended scenes–there’s good information there. And Whedon’s commentary is pretty good as well–gives you a lot of keys to what he was thinking when he made certain decisions. Sadly, the DVD version doesn’t, apparently, have all of the extra features.

  • Next is Wiishu’s biography, then you can post it on DOA in the LTF section. Some things to consider:

    Name: Wiishu
    Arrival Date: 9/23/12
    Model: Fairyland LittleFee Shiwoo
    Skin: Natural
    Face up: Fairyland default
    Customization(s): none at this time
    Wig: blond fur by beachgirlnikita
    Eyes: 14mm Glib 14LDS02 Violet
    Blood Type:
    Shoe Size:
    Sexual Preference:
    Favourite colour(s):
    Favourite food(s):
    Occupation: House elf

    You can see some of my Crew’s bios (I am SO far behind!) here (), which links back to my LJ through each doll’s tags.

  • @Jane – In Pookie’s measurements, there are a couple of typos in the code and a datum is missing / hidden.

    Inseam> (Cm/Inch) 4.5 (to floor)
    Outer seam (Cm/Inch> 6/2.4 (waist to floor)

    What are the inseam measurements in cm and inches, please? — I’m putting these into tables for reference. I won’t have Morgaine’s and Vanye’s formatted just yet, but they’ll be done later this weekend. Wiishu’s and Pookie’s are going up today.

  • Hmmm…it’s 4.5cm. Dunno what that is in inches. Inches, when dealing on his scale, are really kinda useless. It’s all small fractions.

  • Thanks, Jane. My calculator says:

    4.5 cm * 1.0 in / 2.54 cm = 1.77165 in

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