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Wiishu's Diary 2013

And the ride continues!

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Wiishu’s Diary2012

Wiishu’s Diary 2013

Wiishu’s Wish List:

Pooki’s Wish List:

Kitty Sandals: http://www.rubyredbjd.com/ch0010a-elephant-walk-p-199.html?cPath=39_96#.UmgcWBAljpc

Mocassins: http://www.rubyredbjd.com/product_detail.php?Product_ID=CH0002A&Category_ID=123

2 comments to Wiishu’s Diary 2013

  • Introducing the kitty kids Jane met at FenCon:

    The grey kitty is named Poi Popoki, Poi for short. He is a Pipos A Midsummer Night’s Dream Jr. Pi Ringo (special edition paint).

    The small pinkish-lavender kitty in the dress is Thistle. She is a first edition Immortality of Soul Lulu.

    The white cat with green eyes is Hamish. He is a final edition Immortality of Soul Jack.

    The little cat in green/stripes is Talon, the reason Jane fell for a Pukisha. He IS a Fairyland PukiPuki Pukisha.

  • Thank you! I thought I’d put that SS into a post, but I sure as heck can’t find it! Duh…

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