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Andre Norton Images

Please check out Andre’s official page.

And my own little page therein: Book of Shadows: Jane Fancher: These are scans of the photocopies I sent her back in the seventies. I’m using those images here on my page until I find and scan the originals. With each book title, I’ll include a link back to the synopsis page on this site.

My first real exposure to SF/F was Andre Norton’s work. My church buddies, Lynn and Sharon Shelton, got my sis and I into a local ANFC (Andre Norton Fan Club). My sis’ club name was Logan; mine was Kartr. I wrote my first fan letter to Andre, and received a charming letter in response.  Andre’s work sparked my interest in both Native American and Ancient Egyptian cultures, Archeology and Anthropology, the issues of bigotry and self-image in SF/F…and a whole lot more. Above all else, her kind response to a ten-year-old’s fan letter taught me (a) author’s are human and (b) readers deserve respect.

Over the years I drew Andre’s characters…a lot. Especially my darling Kartr, whose ears and name pronunciation were the “substance” in that first fan letter. (I didn’t want to just gush. I thought I should have, like, a reason to take up her valuable time!) Anyway, I have images of him through the years…as I aged, so did he. He stopped aging around 27-30…which I suppose is where my own “mental image age” is…but it’s also about the age he seems to be in the books. We’ll see how many of them actually make it to this page!

Star Rangers

Star Rangers was the first AN book I read…tho I didn’t finish it. My sister had borrowed it from the library and…as we did in those days, hidden it under the bed. We were sisters. Everything was a competition, including who got to read things/do things first. I tried to sneak in ahead of her on this one…and was bored. So, I put it back. To this day, I can’t remember which AN book I actually did finish first, but I remember that some few months later, possibly even a year or so, when I finally did read SR, I had this deja vu moment of “I’ve read this before!”

It was then and continues to be my favorite AN book. Kartr is everything I want in a hero. Resourceful, brave, a bit uncertain, caught between worlds and ideologies, and rising above his own self-doubts to come into his own and utilize his innate abilities in creative ways. This is, obviously, a theme that has resonated throughout my books…as it is part of many of AN’s. I don’t think she created that fascination, but I think that her work certainly fed it.


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