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At Mariner's Spring Training 2005


Well, My name’s Jane Fancher, but you already knew that, right? I mean, the URL and the header are kind of a dead giveaway. I write science fiction and fantasy, with six published novels, three graphic novels (art as well as script) and a handful of short stories in my credits—from traditional, New York publishers. My newest venture, in combination with C.J. Cherryh and Lynn Abbey is Closed Circle Publications, a treasure trove of ebooks!  I also “do” art. Most recently the covers for the Closed Circle books. You’ll find more on that here on the blog, including slideshows of my attempts to make Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop behave.

For more on the specifics of those professional endeavors, please check out my website at  http://janefancher.com.

Beyond that, let’s see. I figure skate, garden, build things, travel, sing a bit, play a bit of piano and guitar, stitch…and, well, we’ll find out what I’ve forgotten as this blog develops.

This is me—over there…or up there…depending on your browser. I seriously detested the white borders this theme wanted to put on captioned images, so…the caption is gone. Until I can figure out how to make it black, I’ll just have to explain in text. This picture was taken at the Mariners’ (Seattle’s pro-baseball team) spring training camp in 2005. I like to think I look pretty much the same now. OK, a few more wrinkles, but I still feel like this. And, yes, I’m a baseball fan. It’s one of the few sports I’ll actually pay money to go watch. Figure skating, when the Nationals are in town, is another.

Efanor helps decorate.

This is my cat, Efanor. He’s twenty pounds worth of adorable. He and his adopted sister, Ysabel, travel with us everywhere.  They have somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 miles logged in the car by now. His favorite foods are Whataburger chicken strips and Smoochies. Sadly, Efanor passed away from this body in the spring of 2011. His beloved Ysabel left us soon after. We’re still debating…we think Efanor jumped to Seishi, Carolyn’s hugable Scottish fold, and Ysabel invaded my little Shuster. We know Sei has Carolyn’s Khym tucked inside and my beloved Elrond is laughing at us all from Shu’s eyes. You’ll find pix of Shu and Sei all over the site…digital cameras are a dangerous thing…

Let’s see…anything else? Oh, yeah, I love to hear from people! I love insights and opinions. Please feel free to leave comments, just keep them polite and remember, we’re all people with feelings.

About the SlideShows:

These have become such an important part of the blog that I would be highly remiss not to give credit where it’s due. They are done with the WordPress addon NextGen Gallery:


the theme I’m using is Atahualpa, a fabulously versatile WP theme:


3 comments to About

  • OrionSlave Girl

    LOL! I hasn’t seen this pic of Efanor! He IS adorable!

  • Hi there.

    Well, I just didn’t know much about you until I came to this page and then went to your website.

    Female comic book artist, art and script?? Are you totally awesome or what! Unbelievable. How few, very few are there who can make that claim.

    MMmmm. . . .it just seems to me that somehow this blog doesn’t do you justice. You have a definite personality that stretches beyond the words. But keep in mind, I’m an illustrator, so I probably see more of you in your visual work than most.

    So I guess what I’m try to say, is make a big fat picture link that directs people to your website because if I hadn’t read the words “graphic novel” you would have lost me as a viewer. And that would have been sad.

    Enjoyed it. I’ll come back for another visit. :kissing:

    • Jane

      Wow! Thanks for taking the time to visit the page-proper and especially for the kind words. I’ll do that. Somehow…. Have to think about it, since the lead page for the blog is constantly changing.

      I hope to get a header image that is more me real soon. I’m working on just getting the title up in something more interesting than his default block script, just to find out how to insert an image in this relatively complex theme.

      More than that, I’m going to have a page of this blog relegated to art and manga and graphics, as well as one related to books. It should take on an organization much like the website. The slide shows I can put in so easily that connect to Flickr make for all kinds of possibilities. I just need time to get it all done. I’ve really only started working on this. Had planned to keep it all secret until I had more to offer, but, hey, why not let the world see the labor pains, eh?

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