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Surprise from my fwen Twacey!




(From Jane: I haven’t told him about the Capt. K shirt. 😀 Brilliant! I’ll get it done for his birthday this year. Thanks so much!)

6 comments to Surprise from my fwen Twacey!

  • Oh my, I wondered what that was gonna be, when I saw her comment from CJ’s blog. Heh, that is cool!

    A shirt, huh? Neat! Will look forward to seeing the little guys trying that out, when you get to it. 🙂

    (Robbie is still somewhere in among the boxes in my storage space. I hope he, and other items I want to find, are in good shape. — Ideally, I’m supposed to get the chance, Wednesday, to spend part of a day going through things, but no sure idea when I’ll come across which boxes with the items I most want to find first. So…well, in any case, it will be a surprise, what I do find and when!)

  • Hanneke

    Hi Jane, good to see you here, talking with us again!
    A bouquet of glowing flowers is indeed a special gift, but his little Christmas sweater look lovely too! Is that a tiny robin redbreast among the holly leaves? So cute!

  • Hanneke

    Ah, now I see: they are dragonflies, not flowers!
    At first I thought some kind of orchid, but now you mention it, they are clearly your favorite pondside ornamental flyers.
    Very well found by Tracey!

  • chondrite

    I’m glad the package made it okay. I wasn’t sure who was going to get dibs on the hat (I was imagining The Pook and Wiishu doing jan-ken-po over who got it). If Pookie decides to throw a fit because he wants his own shirt, I do have some fabric scraps left; just let me know.

    • chondrite

      p.s. Very good to hear from you again!

    • It’s a perfect fit for the pookster. I’ve got a sample of super-shiny green that’s just enough for him. He insists on having the “dress uni”…possibly the admiral one. As I recall, that was a little different. He’s got such delusions of grandeur!

      I’m trying. I’m thinking about putting together a post that’s a slideshow of all the different crazy projects I’ve had to do in the last two years. If we can get this kitchen done, the baseboards in, the bathroom done…and a garage sale to empty out the basement…I might have a life again. The last long while, all my words have been aimed at books.

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