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A Precious Friend Gone

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I break my long silence. A dear, dear friend, Mike Briggs, passed away very unexpectedly this morning. I hope someday to be able to put into words what he and his precious Patty mean to me, but for now, I’ll simply pass on what I know. He was admitted to hospital last night for what they thought was a fever and some mild pain. Patty was with him until about three in the morning, when he told her to go home and get some rest. About 7AM she got a call from the hospital and by the time she and Anne got there, he was gone. I can’t imagine the world without him, his humor and his music. I’ve never seen a more loving relationship than he and Patty have. I use present tense on purpose for it is a love that will last forever.

Wiishu and Mike Briggs at Radcon 2013

I lubs him….


7 comments to A Precious Friend Gone

  • Pence

    How sad. And terrifying to have this happen so suddenly.

  • sky_barnes

    My condolences, to you and Patty and everyone whose life Mike touched and enriched.

    I also had a friend pass unexpectedly this past week, unattended in her home, cause undisclosed, with only the clue that she had had surgery in December and was not robustly healthy for the first time in her life.
    I was fortunate to be able to go to a portion of her memorial this morning, to share hugs with mutual friends, and hear from people in her life I’d never met before. I feel even more fortunate that I had seen her less than a month ago. I am still working through to accepting that the world is now without her living presence, that I will not be able to randomly contact her when I make one of my infrequent trips down to her town and meet up for lunch or a long afternoon chat sitting on a couch in a coffee house, or that she will never again put on one of her grand (and crowded) themed holiday parties in her tiny historic home.
    I am so glad her life touched mine and intersected for a time, that I got to share her wit, complex intelligence, competence, and joyful spirit.

  • ready4more

    Jane, I am unable to log in to Wave without a shore. I’ve tried logging in and when I intentionally put in a bogus password it asks if I have lost my password, but all other attempts with the correct password lead me in a do-loop saying I have to be logged in to post but never logging me in. Help! And Happy Valentines Day… -Paula

  • Walt

    Ready, I find the same problem here. In any case, Ctrl+Shift+R (clear cache and reload) seems to fix the problem temporarily. I find just using the site as usual and doing Ctrl+Shift+R when it misbehaves works. Would that WP was an AI and would learn from the Ctrl+Shift+R. 😉

    • This is the same theme that CJ was using for WWAS. I don’t see the same problems that WWAS had, so I hesitate to blame the theme.

      I don’t know which plugins she’s using, and if they’re up to date (or if an update caused this issue).

      I had grown rather fond of Atahualpa, but it’s now been changed to “Divi”, which is a much more powerful theme. Some things about the Atahualpa I’ll miss, but I’ll adapt.

  • I had commented on CJ’s blog much earlier, but meant to post here too. I was shocked and sad to hear the news, but liked the story of the purple shirts. Best Wishes to Patty and all concerned. Mike’s posts on her site were always of interest and showed great personality.

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